iFi audio - Zen Blue V2

Our ultra-affordable hi-res Bluetooth® DAC just got even better! Introducing the Zen Blue V2 .

Chill. Relax. Enjoy.​

The ZEN Blue V2 is the same hi-res DAC you know and love but better!

We’ve added an improved Bluetooth® antenna that will increase range by up to 80%.

Just add a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac to the ZEN Blue V2. And chillax.

Whether you’re into Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Qobuz or Tidal, the ZEN Blue V2 will deliver fabulously flawless music to suit your mood via breathtaking hi-res Bluetooth®.​

Not all Bluetooth is created equal.​

Have utter confidence in the sound quality of the ZEN Blue V2.

It uses Bluetooth5.0®, the very latest version, and the newest Qualcomm 5100 chip to process all incoming Bluetooth® data. The ESS Sabre DAC chip is there to ensure an extremely smooth digital to analogue conversion.

Banish standard ‘Bluetooth Blues’ with the ZEN Blue V2

Balanced design is truly special.​

The analogue output stage is balanced, not normally seen in DACs at this price point. Balanced means less noise, interference/crosstalk.

It has RCA and balanced outputs at HiFi standard level; 2V SE and 4V BAL and is, therefore, compatible with both HiFi and Pro systems.

All underpinned by high-quality circuit components such as C0G capacitors from TDK and it’s fed by a precision low-noise power supply from Texas Instruments to make this a rare entry-priced beastie.

Plus we’ve improved our Global Master Timing (GMT) clock circuitry to give you an even smoother musical ride. It means >20db better performance for even more ZEN.

Available in June


I’m thinking of using this in my office to feed a SE integrated amp. Would get around the wire issue. I already have an xDSD, but I think that’s only BT 4. Am I correct in thinking that this would probably sound better in BT mode than the more expensive xDSD? I use the XDSD fairly frequently in another location in wired mode.

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Yes correcto, mainly because it’s more intended for desktop set-ups like that as well.


I ordered one yesterday. Using the xDSD until it arrives, so that means my bedside listening falls back to Dragonfly Cobalt or LCDi3 with cipher cable. Which ain’t bad. I will find an appropriate spot to describe what I’m doing with an office setup.


Look forward to seeing what you think bud!

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You wouldn’t happen to know, or iFi might happen to make a Bluetooth upgrade dongle for lightning connector (iOS)? Would a camera connection kit and a BT 5.0 dongle give me a 5.0 connection from my iPad Pro (gen 1 has BT 4 only).

I have an iPhone 12 that I could use, but the iPad is very convenient.

Zen Blue V2 Quick Impressions


Apologies for copying my photo from The Off Topic, but it’s what I got. Last week, I started putting my xDSD in my office to stream (line out mode) and on Monday got the Zen Blue V2.

Super simple to set up. No annoying on/off buttons. I’d been using my 1st Gen iPad Pro to stream music from a Comcast hotspot near my office. Use both Qobuz and Sirius XM. On Sirius I generally am listening to Bloomberg radio, but also occasionally their music streams. WIth Qobuz, I’m streaming CD quality because, well Bluetooth.

The Onkyo is reasonably clean, but hardly a top audiophile piece. My Sansui AU-919 is much better, and after servicing, I expect to replace the Onkyo with the Sansui. The Rectilinear XI speakers are straight out of the late 80’s, but in very good condition. This model was a direct competitor of the Smaller Advent and the AR 2AX, I think it’s a bit better than either, although I really recall liking the Smaller Advent, thinking it had better sound than the larger Advent.

My use case is to play music at a low volume. I’ve been listening to acoustic jazz, and classical. Prokofiev proved too modern and had too much dynamic range for office music, but Scarlatti is very good. Harpsichord has no dynamic range to speak of, so can be ideal for background.

I have played other content at medium volume after hours, but I have business neighbors on either side, so I can’t crank this and see what it will do. The purpose of putting the system in is to see if I actually LIKE having music in the office, I’ve had silence for years. With the loss of my Admin, and a 4 month of more hiring process, I thought I might like a bit of sound.

The Zen Blue paired quickly and easily with the iPad, and also with my iPhone 12. There was a slight but noticeable increase in sound quality using BT 5 and the iPhone compared to 4.2 and the iPad. The attack of the harpsichord’ s string plucking was more realistic. Soundstage was slightly better on music that included strings in addition to the harpsichord.

In the box is a nice, perhaps 18 inch long RCA interconnect. Also two antennas, one supposed to have a 3db advantage over the other. I connected the fat better antenna, have no idea why one would use the smaller one. There is a 4.4mm balanced out, but I don’t have use in my present config for balanced out.

My big take on this use case is actually external to the Zen Blue V2, which performed perfectly. It’s that streaming from an iPhone - or presumably any other phone that you actually use as a phone is a bad idea. After I explain why, you’ll probably see why I switched back to the iPad, even though it’s limited to BT 4.2.

Recall that I’m trying to play things quietly. In so doing, I’m using the volume control on the iPad/iPhone to control volume on the speakers. This also lets me pause quickly if the office phone rings, or if I get intercom messages on my work computer. (Is VERBOTTEN to attach anything to the office computer as it’s very secure).

I was working on a portfolio with Scarlatti in the background connected to BT5 when an AMBER ALERT came in. For those of you outside the US, an Amber Alert is used by law enforcement when there is a child abduction, and they want everybody to look for the perp in his 1994 White F100 pickup truck license plate Michigan KKK-U2. It’s an “alert” because it starts with a maximum volume buzzer sound.

I can report that the Zen Blue had no issues in reproducing an ear-splitting buzzer with more than adequate fidelity.

This gives me an incentive to not only order the Magnepan ,7’s that I want, but also upgrade my gen 1 iPad Pro to something with BT-5 that I can set up with no access to Amber Alerts, Accuweather warnings, or the panoply of other tones that are common with phones.


Thanks for your continued feedback. Glad you are loving it and it fills your needs perfectly.

@SebastienChiu so…… when can I get my hands on an ifi go blu?


Next week!