Index / collection of measurements made by Resolve

Thank you! This will help until Resolve make a database.

AKG K371

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I might just use this thread to dump additional measurements for folks who might want them. Once again big thanks to @deafenears for putting this together. I’m working on a more long-term solution, but at the moment this is very helpful.

Anyway, just did one of the strangest sounding headphones I’ve come across in a while. It’s the Ovidious TX-901.

For those who love their mids with a strong resonance at 900hz, this would be a top pick :slight_smile:


Yes! Please do. That would save me time hunting them all down heh.

My work is nothing compared to the time and effort you’re putting in with all these measurements and reviews.


Someone stole the ear gain from that graph.


@Resolve, think you can dump measurements of the LCD-4 here or in the LCD-4 thread?

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I will once I’m back at the studio. Remind me!

Audeze LCD-4
HarmonicDyne G200

Audeze MM-500
Focal Radiance (another sample)

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Thank you sir!

Also got Thieaudio Wraith for ya:

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Focal Utopia 2022
Utopia 2022 vs. Utopia OG


Sennheiser HD 650
Meze Audio 109 PRO

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Focal Bathys


Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE

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RAAL-requisite CA-1a

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Bowers & Wilkins Px8
Bowers & Wilkins Px8

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Moondrop Venus

Thanks for posting these measurements. I noticed that the new 5128 measurements have been going up, but there is no central place to find them, so I thought I’d add them to this thread. I may also post these to the New Heaphone Target Curve Thread.

5128 Sennheiser HD 600

5128 Sennheiser HD 650

5128 Focal Utopia 2022

5128 DCA AEON 2 Noire

5128 HEDD HEDDphone


Neat, thanks. One more:

5128 Dan Clark Audio EXPANSE

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Audeze Maxwell