Introducing the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition!

I’m extremely excited to announce the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition!

If you’re heading to CanJam NYC make sure to stop by the booth and have a listen!!

- Elevated digital headroom - Many modern musical tracks are produced in a waythat leaves very little headroom in the recording, often referred to as the Loudness Wars, This can cause clipping and additional distortion during playback on most DACs due to the oversampling filter being unable to accurately reconstruct strong transients. The WANDLA has its own digital processing headroom, but GoldenSound Edition has elevated headroom to accommodate it to its additional DSP functions, which are described in below paragraphs. Therefore, WANDLA GoldenSound Edition is highly immune to intersample overs even in bypass mode at full output level, allowing you to play back any music free from additional distortion, and enjoy a higher quality sound. Moreover, due to its DSP functions, now this sound can be even more tailored to your personal taste.

- Spatial Enhancement - The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition features a unique spatial enhancement that utilizes the power of the Ferrum SERCE module to provide an expanded soundstage and improved clarity of separation between musical elements, whilst avoiding the drawbacks commonly found in other approaches. A Headphone Mode and a Speaker Mode are offered to provide an enhancement tailored to each use-case, and this is achieved without any coloration to the frequency response, no additional distortion, and no tricks like added reverb.

- Tube Mode - The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition features a tube mode, which intentionally increases the even-order harmonic distortion produced by the DAC, similar to the distortion added by a tube amplifier. This allows the user to enjoy a warmer, richer sound without directly changing frequency response, and without the other drawbacks commonly found in tube based devices such as increased noise.

- Hardware Voltage Adjustment - The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition utilizes a new hardware level output voltage adjustment of WANDLA motherboard, allowing the user to swap between just below 10 Vrms output to a just below 4 Vrms output. This is facilitated via a dedicated hardware voltage divider, allowing the user to select this lower output voltage and ensure compatibility with all amplifiers, without needing to use any digital volume control, or have the analog volume control components in the signal path. This feature will also be available on standard edition WANDLA units starting with board revision V4.0.

- Impact + - The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition features an Impact + function for those that enjoy a little more low-end in their music listening experience. Though rather than a basic bass-shelf, this feature uses a customized two-band EQ which not only elevates bass but provides additional punch and dynamic impact.

- No MQA - The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition no longer uses any MQA processing, with all content being kept as untouched PCM other than if you choose to enable one of the sound tuning features. All of DSP functions of WANDLA GoldenSound Edition are extensively using processing power of WANDLA’s SERCE module. Therefore, to ensure seamless operation, MQA decoder is not available in GoldenSound Edition.

The WANDLA GoldenSound edition will be available exclusively at in North America, and through Ferrum dealers in other regions.

It will retail for $3295. (Estimated, subject to change)

For existing WANDLA owners, an upgrade will be available for $600 at a later date. (Estimated, subject to change)

See some of Jude’s thoughts in the CanJam preview vid from 17:55 as well!


I am a bit confused! Is this mainly for Head Phone use only? Is this just as good with tower speakers in all modes? …Thanks! :smiley:

Congratulations on this release! This really looks like it will be a tremendous product!


No it’s for both, the spatial enhancement has a speaker mode and a headphones mode.

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First time I’ve seen lack of MQA touted as a feature! Nice…


If I didn’t already have a Holo May this would 100% be my next DAC. Congrats on the collab! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


This unit looks like the beginning of great advancements in new DAC technology!

Just a quick update for those that are waiting on a unit.

Our understanding is that the units are currently waiting with the US distributor and they are just waiting on a final firmware fix to squash a bug. As soon as that has been implemented, units will be on the way to our warehouse and then on the way to you!