Ferrum Audio - Official Thread

So I was at CanJam just recently and one of the the booths that stood out to me was the VANA booth, the NA distributor for Atlas Cables and Ferrum Audio products. I’ve heard of their stuff before but haven’t really looked into them until recently.


The Ferrum HYPSOS (995 USD) is a unique kind of PSU that I haven’t seen anywhere else. What makes it different is the variable voltage and the fact that you can select which one sounds best. It also has a list of compatible products in its menu system that match up with their specs automatically, with a manual mode for unlisted products. It was honestly pretty cool to see this in action and a fascinating sight indeed.

The Ferrum OOR (1995 USD) is their standalone hp amp. From my brief impressions at CanJam, it sounded very clean, natural, and detailed. That was with the HYPSOS paired to it. In fact, it made such an impression on me that when I arrived home I looked at my Soloist and wished that it was the OOR that had been in its place. By the way, the HYPSOS looks like it’s compatible with the Soloist, so there’s that.

If you look at their product page there’s a lot of marketing terms thrown around in there but I can honestly say that this was an impressive unit.

Build quality was outstanding! I saw a GSX-mini over at the other booth and much preferred the build on the Ferrum stuff. It was also absolutely stunning to look at.

The representative at VANA told me they would be coming out with a DAC/AMP very soon and then higher-end models forthcoming.

All in all this should be a really solid SS option for those in the market. I have a Burson Soloist and I briefly listened to a GSX-mini. I preferred the Ferrum stuff over both. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t on my shortlist of SS amps. This should be very interesting!


So uh…will you guys be carrying this soon?! Asking for…myself. :grimacing:

GoldenSound has some measurements of the Ferum OOR + HYPSOS stack:


thanks for sharing! These measurements were quite interesting, and I am a user who has a use-case for using it as ‘headphone power amp’ so this was very informative.

Still hoping to get this in for review, it was the one Solid State amp that really wowed me at Canjam Socal.


I was searching for the Hypsos along with the Powerlink cable from Ferrum and Headphones.com is listed in their dealer list. But could only find the OOR. Is it out of stock? Any ETA? I’d prefer to buy from here. @taronlissimore

In fact, I want the combo (OOR, Hypsos, Power Link) and I’d rather not go the A46 route. Had bad experience. So, I can wait. Thanks.

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Yup we do have the Hypsos on order and expect it to have it in stock in the next couple weeks!