iOS 13 causing drop in audio output (volume)

I’ve noticed that on iOS 13 (13.3, issue first occurring 13.2) the volume level has decreased substantially through both the Lightening to 3.5mm dongle and the 3.5mm headphone output on iPad Pro 12.9.

This also occurs on iPhone XS Max via Lightening dongle.

Have any iOS users noticed this issue as well? I’d estimate the drop in output to be about 20% which is pretty substantial.

Just updated my iPad 11" pro today…watched The Mandalorian using it’s speakers (I have a 3yr old…makes headphones during the day difficult lol)… didn’t notice anything off too much but, I’ll try headphones tonight…


Yeah, it’s weird. My son noticed it on his iPad Air as well. I think your iPad Pro 11 has a Thunderbolt (usb-c) connection? It may not have affected your model.

Curse Apple and their passive aggressively forcing upgrades via software “updates”!


No change on any of my iOS devices (iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro 10.5, latest iPad Mini).

Make sure “Volume Limit” hasn’t accidentally gotten enabled.

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I couldn’t find “volume limit” under settings. Only “change with buttons” under sound settings. I also verified that none of the apps I use had any volume limiter enabled.

I’m guessing maybe they’re preserving battery life by limiting the volume output. I can’t think of any other reason for this.

I’ll keep poking around in the Settings menu.


See here.

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Thanks. It was already set to “off”. It’s occurring with all content/apps. I’ll keep poking around in settings.

Good thing the Dragonfly is on my Christmas wish list!

This is a weirdy but do have you looked to see if you have the EU version of iOS 13? The EU mandates volume limits. What I understand it is built into the OS, and cannot be changed, I have also see screen shots of a toggle that sets the iPhone at EU levels. Unless you have a EU provisioned iPhone I am not sure how this could happen.

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Thanks for responding. I actually figured it out.

I feel dumb, but the volume slider on my mic was turned down! :man_facepalming:t4::laughing:

I never fiddle with it, but somehow, or someone must’ve turned it down. I blame my partner!

Don’t feel bad. My XS-max had no wireless connection to Verizon. Could not figure it out called Verizon they took me through the steps even had the SIM card out. It finally turned out to be some obscure setting in an area I hardly ever go into which apparently was turned off with one of the iOS 13 updates.

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