Is the M50x that much worse than the M40x? (Specifically the bass)

I’ve been hearing that the M50x has the bass and treble boosted but I also heard that it has clearer sound, so I’m quite confused. I need headphones for all-rounded use: gaming, listening to music, online job meetings/voicechat, etc. (and I understand the comfort problem, will change pads, got some on the way already)

I’ve tried bassy headphones before (like Beats) and I’ve always hated how I could barely hear someone talking while listening to music on lower volume due to the bass mudding their voice, and also in many songs with some bass, the voice is almost undetailed, but I also want bass I could hear/feel, and definitely don’t want it to sound “boring” (as some people call the M40x), I just don’t want it to overblow everything else. Also happens in games, the bass just basically fucks everything else up in some bass-heavy headphones.

Does the M50x have this problem just like other bassy headphones where the bass overblows the vocals that they end up undetailed? Or can you clearly hear the voice and other sounds even if the bass is a little emphasized?

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