Which has better imaging, Audio-Technica M40x or M50x?

I’m gonna play games that use HRTF for audio, so it would benefit from good stereo imaging (I can buy the Brainwavz Angled pads for either of them as well)

I’ve looked through other options such as DT 770 etc but they are either unavailable in my country or very overpriced, so these are the best options I can find at my budget, and I want closed back because I live in a noisy (university roommates so you can imagine)

I know they are both not 100% optimal, but I’m not very competitive in game nor very casual more like something in between, so the less bad of these 2 options is gonna be fine

If it helps, I’m currently using Edifier W830BT (wired), and can barely tell where the footsteps are

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I’ve used both, and I didn’t notice a discernible difference in the imaging. The M50x had more bass, which isn’t my preference. Personally, I’d save the money and get the M40xs.

You might also want to have a look at the AKG 361 or 371.

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Thanks for your comment!
Which of them have you felt had better soundstage/imaging, also have you tried them with the HM5 angled pads?

Nope-- haven’t used the HM5 pads, but I couldn’t hear an imaging difference without them.

It has been a while since I heard the M50x but when I did, I had no doubt about preferring the M40x (which I purchased).

I wouldn’t say that imaging is great on the M40x, it’s not terrible but not great, and is probably similar to the M50x. For gaming, even though I am not a gamer, I would pick the M40x out of the two as the sound is more balanced and doesn’t have the extra bass found in the M50x, which helps keep things clearer and more defined.

I have the HM5 angled pads on M40x, they widened the sound stage a little and I found that they also improved the sound a little (definitely not night and day though). The biggest point in favour of the HM5 pads is the increase in comfort.

Again, I am not a gamer, but if I had to choose between the two, it would certainly be the M40x.

However, at the price of the M40x + pads, I would consider the AKG K371 first.

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In what way are the AKG K371 better, you mean imaging/gaming? Because they are about double the price of the M40x in my country. I could buy them if I reaaally stretch my budget but they’re still really expensive and I don’t like the way they look

Hey, thanks for your comment!
Unfortunately they both over my price range (they’re like 50$ more than the M50x which is about 200$ itself), electronics are overpriced in my country so gotta deal with that

You bet! That is quite the premium in your country.

Here’s a good review FYI: AKG K371 Impressions

Good luck.

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Sorry, I am not aware of pricing in your country. Here, the M40x are around 85€ plus around 25€ for the pads, so 110€. The M50x are around 120€ (plus pads if you want them). The AKG K371 is around 115€, so the price is very similar. There is also the K361 at around 80€ but I haven’t tried them.

With my comments about preferring them to the M40x, I just mean that they are a better sounding headphone in general for my personal tastes. I have only tried them briefly but hope to get some for a more extended listen soon. You can check out @Chrono’s review here (he mentions soundstage and imaging):


There’s a bit of cross posting :slight_smile:

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Great minds maybe - high five :slight_smile:

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M40x I felt was the better, all around headphone.