I’ve had the Atom a couple of days now and I have to say it’s a great little Amp. Plenty of power. Running my HD650’s on it an really enjoying it. I shall try some iem’s through it later. Though it’s only for curiosity. :grin:


Any experience with the JDS Labs OL DAC paired with the Atom? I couldn’t tell from the thread above. A little retirement money is coming my way in July so I want to choose wisely - small format desktop DAC, amp, and maybe a headphone upgrade with a $600 budget limit.

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You’d be better off with any of Modi 3, Grace SDAC, Topping D30.

Not that the OL DAC is “bad” per se (though I am not a fan), but it’s clearly outperformed both technically, and audibly, by other options for the same, or less, money, and that have more features (more inputs and/or DSD support).

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I run the Topping D10 with my Atom and it works well. I enjoy the digital display because it:

  1. Makes it clear when the DAC is getting a signal
  2. Let’s me know that I’m getting the sample rate that I expect

I also run a Topping D10 with an Atom at home and I am very happy with it. I was running an SMSL SU-8 into the Atom at work and it was great also. I haven’t really had them side by side to compare so all I can say is I like both :wink:

(BTW, the D10 into Atom is also what I am using as a test rig, both for comparative listening and measuring).


As much as I like JDS Labs products I agree with this, I in fact have an OL Dac here with me next to a D10 and Modi 3… and it’s not bad but does not compete well…

It’s amazing how much amp you can get for $100 these days. I’ve had my Atom for about a week, and I haven’t had much desire to switch back to my other more expensive amps. The Atom’s speed and clarity is very impressive. Also, the synergy is quite good with my modded 650 and TH-X00.