Amazon Music Lossless Streaming

Found this and wanted to share with the community

No mqa - sounds like a solution for at home and less for on the go

14,99 is 5 less than Tidal
and with a Prime account 12,99.

I started the free 90 day trial

What are your thoughts?


Glad Amazon has brought hirez into the mainstream. Definitely will do a number on Qobuz.

Apple has been rumored to have a similar service waiting in the wings for a couple of years now, but still no sign.

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Great news!! I love Amazon music ( I’m, probably the only one in the planet) , I have to check it out. Right now I’m doing the free trial for Qobuz and Tidal and are both great.
Thanks for sharing !!


I saw the news earlier today. I may try it myself. Ironically the “HQ” standard of most content is just plain old CD quality.

Human beings are becoming boiled frogs due to smartphone dominance.


I may give it a listen. I do enjoy Tidal’s MQA files, so I may just do a trial. I already subscribe to Apple Music as well so it would be pointless in the long term.

we already used Amazon Unlimited for listening to books+ and the bought CDs from Amazon get immediately updated in the cloud what was important to us before the “unlimited upgrade” and us ripping FLAC files.
Audible for podcasts
I use Tidal Masters mqa (bought my if xDSD for it)
My wife prefers my :)Spotify Premium and it has the best ui + car connect and the app on the smart TV + the remote feature(miss this the most on Tidal)

The moment Spotify features mqa I could cancel most other services.


I’m excited for this. I have Tidal and Spotify, and far prefer the selection and UI of the Spotify apps (desktop and mobile), but the quality on Tidal is so much better. Amazon aren’t known for great UI, but hopefully they have a good selection of music. I’m going to get a trial and see how it goes.


Yea the Amazon UI isn’t great and the non Ultra HD content is on par with Spotify to my ears, while I enjoy Tidal I am frustrated at the need for MQA hardware, I too would like to see some one else pick up lossless streaming

But as it is, I’ve signed up for the 90 day trial hopefully in that time they’ll find a way to make some improvements to the service and app so I can get bit perfect transmission on Android devices through a third part app

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There is no such requirement.

Lossless 16/44.1 will play through any DAC. No MQA involved anywhere.

MQA content (“above” lossless, if you believe the claims) can be replayed without MQA hardware up to the first unfold on any DAC.

You only need MQA hardware I’d you want to fully unfold the files. And the second unfold and processing is just up sampling with an MQA specific reconstruction filter.

Qobuz already does.


MQA is a bad joke.

I’ll give Amazon a shot, because not sending JayZ $20 a month is fine by me.


MQA is a bad joke, no argument there.

Other than a few albums, here and there, that seem to be from better masters than the non-MQA versions, it generally sounds worse while adding cost and confusion over standard redbook PCM.

Not wanting to put money in Jay Z’s pocket is entirely understandable too.

But saying Tidal has any need for MQA hardware is nonsense. It doesn’t. It is 100% optional (even for the small fraction of its catalog that is MQA encoded).

Hopefully Amazon get this right … and better still if they integrate with Roon … won’t know until I’m not in deepest darkest Peru …


And Bezos is that much better?

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@Torq going all Apocalypse on us in the depths of South America :wink:


hope he got the right watch for the job - to know, when it´s time to come back
… Seiko 6105…:wink: or at least the descendant - the last week discontinued SKX 007

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I prefer one of these for my serious “out of the way” adventures.

Especially when wanting to travel as light as possible.


that should be enough :smirk:
I saw an episode of Top Gear or Grand Tour, where they used a similar unit - very fascinating!
good to know help is around the corner, the moment sh… hits the fan :+1:

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I though Amazon Music HD was only available in the States for now. Or are you using a proxy?

if you asked me- in Germany it’s available

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yeah, it was for you. hmm, i’ll test it here in brazil. thx

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Last night I jumped in to Amazon HD, it show up just in time since I’m right now using the free trial of Qobuz and Tidal and have to decide in 4 or 5 days.
Amazon Unlimited has been my streaming service for years and my wife use Spotify, I never bother for Hi-Res since the streaming was only used during commuting or bed time, but late last month I decided to give a chance to Qobuz and Tidal.
I’m not very happy with Tidal since is pushing Hip Hop and Rap artist all the time and the way it looks and work is to similar to Spotify and I’m not a fan. Qobuz in the other hand was more what I like about the way it work and looks, but the music selection was a little limited, but liked enough to almost decide for it instead of Tidal( I don’t like either the MQA thing),but Amazon HD shows for $13 .

Doing a back to back between Amazon HD and Qobuz with the same songs and using my Dragonfly Red and KZ ZS10 pro ( bed gear ), I could almost say there is more “power & impact “ on Qobuz than Amazon, but same level of details ( that is for HI-Res files ), is a difference I was able solve with more volume with the Amazon’s tracks.

This happens with this album. Is advertised ( in Amazon) as UltraHD and when you open to se the tracks…

Each one is advertised as UltraHD, but…

When you play the tracks they are in Standard definition ( MP3). Don’t know the reason, but probably are more albums like that one .
Any way, on Qobuz I got super exited when saw Phaedra and Rubycon from Tangerine Dream and there were only 30 second samples and not the full album.

At this point I’m pretty sure I’ll stay with Amazon HD. I’m already used to it.

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