Linus Tech Tips purchasing a B&K 5128

I think it’s great that we’ll have another database of measurements using the 5128, though I wish our very own Headphone Show was the recipient instead.

What are your thoughts about LTT purchasing an industry standard rig? Who do you think their mystery sound engineer is?


If mainstream headphones companies start to get affected by ltt comments when they start measuring, (even if they don’t succeed in getting reliable data) that would be a great news for audio !


I completely agree. I just hope their engineer is well versed in this industry and also the measurement process.

I look forward to seeing what they do.


In ASR they mentionned the name of the expert. They seem to respect him. So I guess he knows his way around measurements.
I don’t think linus would build an expensive lab + buy an expensive rig if he didn’t have good experts first

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Yeah the person heading up their measurement lab stuff is highly respected. I won’t say who it is but let’s just say we can all rest easy that they’re diving into this the right way.


Really happy seeing LTT’s direction with this so far.

Before the beginning of his Labs project, I was usually pretty disappointed with their coverage on audio gear. They can put out some top notch computer tech content, but the audio stuff always seemed derivative at best.

Seeing as they’re onboarding seasoned experts in the field, I have high hopes that Linus will be able to build a team that contributes greatly to the existing community, and can maybe even grow the community as a whole.

I’m not sure how true this is, but since a few years ago, it feels like the community has grown to be bigger than ever with more demand for better products and less nebulous marketing fluff. It feels like there’s a better collective knowledge and understanding of audio in general. If the existing community has been able to take it this far, I’m excited to see what Linus and his team can do to help.


Awesome - that’s great news and now has me excited. LTT is quite the large tech platform, so the more exposure that headphones and audio science gets on their platform, the better. I look forward to seeing their work and evaluation process.


I think it’s awesome. I feel like a portion of his 14m subscribers are going to be exposed to a world they wouldn’t have been likely to stumble on without him. It’s likely to grow the pie of educated folks in the audio community which is a very good thing.


But that would be accentuated even more if he decides to taken on some “audiophiles” oriented headphones, and not only gamers’ and ANC and TWS headphones.
Beceause the difference in tunings would be easily noticeable to non connaisseurs. No more bass elevations until 1khz is the norme hhh
To be followed…