Looking for advice re digitizing CD collection

Nice. I like “intelligent marching band”.

For a handle on actual weird micro-genres I go to http://everynoise.com/ - it’s based on internal classifications used by Spotify, and it’s a pretty good way to poke around and find new things and awful things.


Holy cow, this is amazing - north carolina emo! Some of the names, taken out of context, could be pretty disturbing (technical deathcore, balkan trap, and aggrotech) while others are nice and quirky (shiver pop, pony, barnmusik). viking folk? spanish invasion? And what do you suppose vegan straight edge sounds like?!

I also love the place-specific genres. Some seem a bit improbable. winnipeg hip hop? And all the indies! leipzig indie, sardinia indie, tamaulipas indie, new hampshire indie! Who knew? I’m not being condescending; there’s one from where I come from.

Back on topic, sorry! Has anyone got a Innuos Zen Mini? It’s a Roon-ready combined CD ripper, NAS and streamer. They had an exhibit at CanJam this past February. At half the price it would be appealing.