Looking for Shure se425 upgrade?

The type of headphone I am looking for is: over ear wrapping IEM that is an upgrade to my Shure SE425’s.

My price range is: $300-$500

I like to listen to: Everything

I will be using them for: my daily listeners

I have been torn between the westone w60, w40, or UM pro 50. I’m stuck on westone only because when I bought my Shure’s, westone was the other option I considered, but any recommendations for other brands are appreciated!

Preferred sound (compared to other headphones): I like the warm bass of beyerdynamic, but I like their sparkling high’s more and wish the bass was tuned down just a tad. I love the mids of sennheisers, but find them a lil’ weak in bass. Obviously I can’t have the best of every headphone, but generally, mids and high’s are what I enjoy more than strong bass, but no bass leaves me feeling like a soulless sociopath.

Thanks any help and/or recommendations!

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If your ears can handle the size, I would suggest the Moondrop Blessing 2 (not the dusk). Bottom of your price range, and the mids/treble are great. Some roll off on top, but to do better would probably mean spending way beyond your stated budget. Bass is pretty tight and controlled, but never intrudes on other freq ranges. Good luck.

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Late answer I know but when you say over ear wrapping IEM you might be describing my Audeze LCDi3. Just over your price range but also look for Audeze iSINE 20 with cipher cable (if you will use with iPhone) used. I really enjoy these. Have both.


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