M9xx and APO Eq Not Working


  • Drop m9xx + official drivers
  • Windows 10 19043.1165
  • APO 1.2.1 + Peace
  • Spotify app

Can’t get the APO equalizer to work, no matter what I try.
I change all the settings to on/off and zero difference to the output sound


  • Uninstall & reinstall
  • Troubleshooting checked with experimental drivers without original APO
  • Windows disable enhancements is off
  • No hardware acceleration (option isn’t even there)
  • Reset global preferences
  • Tried with and without Peace

I did see this thread, which I feel is similar to my issue however I can’t determine if mine is ASIO or WASAPI

I don’t believe EQ APO supports either ASIO or WASAPI.

You have to use the standard Windows audio path.


The only time I had this placebo was when audio enhancements were disabled. Therefore, you must have this checked in your device properties:

Other than that, I’d have a look in the troubleshooting section of APO documentation:

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