Massdrop "x" & Drop (Audiophile) - Official Thread

Best headphones I have ever heard. I just want to understand why. Because nothing I thought was important to me (bass impact/slam, v-shaped, engaging and tonally balanced) are present. Basically, nothing I was actually looking for. (It really was an accidental order and I thought the 177x would be far better for me. Boy was I thrown for a loop.)

Nope, nothing near me. An NYC trip is probably the best option. But it doesn’t let me hear ZMF. So CanJam might be the only real option.

I was born in brooklyn. I would love a current pizza recommendation, but I would bet even the average/bad stuff there beats the best stuff here in vermont. (there are two decent new york style pizza places I am aware of. One is in my town. Thankfully)

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Great to hear that these are your best headphones yet. And I get where you’re coming from about wanting to find out why you like them.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by unexpectedly appealing headphones quite a few times now. At first I was confused because I’d assumed that my preferences were defined by frequency response, e.g. neutral-bright headphones. It was a shock to discover that dark headphones also appeal if they have other qualities, such as resolution. That’s why I doubt I’ll settle on having just a single pair of headphones.

We should arrange a pizza trip for locals and visitors one evening during the next CanJam. I won’t take us off-topic by listing places here now - I’m sure we’ll create or resurrect the relevant thread when the time comes!


The thing is, it makes me want to be surprised by a ZMF. One of my biggest concerns was not being able to adapt to the frequency response. And that theory is now out the window…

I am in if I can be. But I have small kids and that is a six+ hour drive. :frowning:

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You would like the Noires too. They are faster than the CX. Both are great listens and comfortable.

Happy you are pleased with the CX. It was a good mistake. That’s the best kind.

Are you interested in improving the cable?

Are you using with 1/4" or 4-pin XLR?


The noire seems like it would have a better tonal balance.

My biggest concerns are even less bass impact as well as possibly harder to drive than the ether cx. The only amp I have right now is the qudelix 5k. I reviewed the higher power BT options again last night and haven’t been able to pick one.

The cable. I was so obsessed with the headphone I didn’t mention the cable. Just about the worst cable ever. I have hart audio coming again. I loved those cables.

Currently I use an xlr → 2.5mm adapter for qudelix. And it feels really stupid that the adapter is far bigger and heavier than the amp.


Seriously, check this out:

This is hands down the single most annoying thing right now. A terrible cable that is way too long with an adapter that is insanity.

I am planning to use the hart 18" connector directly to multi-kit adapter and clipped to my shirt/hoodie. If it falls, it’s gonna just hang there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I also bought hart’s mmcx connector for the Zen. So, dunu’s modular system will be redundant for the time being.

That’s it. I am still considering the xduoo xd-05 balanced, ifi xcan, ifi xdsd and centrance. All have more power over qudelix but likely lose some stuff too.


The DUM cables are not that great. The Noire has a new cable included from a different manufacturer.

I purchased an Arctic Cable ion 8 for use with my DAP. It really sings.


I bought their T-shirt with 3 pockets and it has some great features for snaking wires so they don’t get in the way. Their other products have even more storage options. Not a gimmick, well thought out. I can zip an iPhone in the pocket and have the Cipher cable under the shirt go to the LCDi3’s. Would work just as well with PortaPros.


I have several articles of clothing like this. The problem is I need my iPhone for work all day. And having wires attached to it is the problem. That is the problem qudelix solves so well. It even still lets me take calls without interruption. Bluetooth is the solution. After work I can sometimes have something less convenient and more audio focused.

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Pad update. I have received a few pads that I wanted to have handy anyway. ZMF Universe Lambskin, Brainwavz XL Sheepskin, Hybrid and micro suede. And I am not quite sure what the ZMF are doing, nor did I do intense a/b because pads are a pain to change, but they are doing something good.

It’s almost like there is more bass/dynamics and more stage? Just feels a touch more open and engaging at the same time.

One more update: The size sliders kind of suck. I have to fiddle with them and if I put on the headphones “too hard” they tend to slide. Really annoying. This was more noticeable on the ZMF as it feels like they want to be clamped slightly tighter for optimum sound.

LSA HP-2 enroute! Will see if a musical slammy dynamic horn loaded monster can compete with these!

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It’s live! I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend friends!!!


For those of you that prefer to read my content!


I posted a review of the Drop HD8XX here: Antdroid's Headphones List, Impressions and Reviews - #16 by antdroid


I was DROP would at least slightly up-level their offerings beyond mid-fi. I realize the mass market is middle to lower end. I’ve heard more than a few who are thrilled with Apple’s newest ear buds with Dolby Atmos. Forget the wireless bandwidth for these are significantly narrower then a plug-in headset.

Their working with Sennheiser & Focal is appreciated. DROP’s venturing into better amp’s with the recent Eddie Current ZDT Jr. offering for example, would be great to see more like this.