Massdrop Plus IEMs

Hi seeing as the Massdrop Plus iem’s haven’t been allocated a category for discussion or review I thought that I would create it.

I will do a mini review of the MD+ as I shall now refer to it.

**The Build and Accessories **

As you can see I am no photographer but you get the general idea. The iem’s themselves are made of 3d printed acrylic and seem quite robust. They have a fairly wide bore hole for want of a better word but nothing out of the ordinary. It uses a two pin connector for attaching the cables.

The fit of the MD+ is very, very good indeed. To all intents and purposes it seems like a custom made job. But it obviously isn’t. They’ve taken a sample lots of different ears and somehow managed to work magic. They fit my lugs really well.

Accessory wise you get various types of tips including some double flange silicon and the usual foam. Comply they ain’t but they’re perfectly serviceable. You get the one cable which isn’t the best as it’s very prone to twisting about all over but it does it’s job. For $30 extra I was able to buy a balanced one too. All this lot is packed, and I mean packed into a rather small plastic iem protective box. It would have been great if it were a little bigger but costs needed cutting somewhere.

The Massdrop Plus iem’s are tuned to resemble the sound of the Etymotic EXR4’s.
The lows on the MD+ are really good with an elevated sub-bass which has a real kick. There’s plenty of detail and character and you can hear all the bass you need unless you’re a real bass head. What struck me when I first heard them was the elevated sub-bass it is quite aggressive and I am not used to this sound signature. It can be a handful if your not used to it but that’s just me and my preference. After some time of mental burn in you become accustomed to it.

The mids are very good with vocals and give great detail and presence to the sound. The mids are ever so slightly forward but not in any way detrimental.

This is where I feel it lets me down a little. The highs are not at all silibant and are very clear and give image separation. But they roll off and don’t give you any sense of airyness. They don’t extend far enough for my personal taste. I can of course equalise them but it’s a shame. I mean they’re good up high but not quite good enough.

The MD+ has an average soundstage and gives detail in enough quantity to allow good imaging and separation. You don’t get much height if any to the sound but it does a good enough job to help you enjoy the music. Which in the end is all you’re after.

So the Massdrop Plus is a neutrally tuned iem with elevated sub-bass. It’s has slightly forward mids with a warm tinge. The bass gives a little kick and rumble when required. The highs are however the only slightly weak point. The they don’t extend far enough and I would have liked more attention paid to the highs. That being said the Massdrop Plus iem’s are a great buy and now having grown accustomed to them they will stay in my collection.

They can be bought (when the drop is active) for $299



Great write up! I enjoyed it.

Just to add to the review the output impedance can and does make a difference to the sound signature. I find it’s best to use a source with an OI of 1 or below for best results. It can get overly bassy with higher OI to the detriment of the sound IMO.

I must also add, as I have forgotten to say(embarrassing though it is) that the Massdrop Plus iem’s contain three balanced armature drivers. Two are used for the lows and one is used for the mids and highs.


Thank you. I need to spend more time taking more photos of better quality for my next one. It’s a first attempt. So my next will be better. I don’t possess a measurement rig though so don’t expect accompanying measurements. :). I don’t know what to write about next though as all my gear has been written about. Mind you i do have the Matrix M-Stage HPA-3u Amp/Dac. Though it’s model is a few years old. It’s the amp I use in my main rig.


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I know these feels, but I think it matters less that other people have reviewed something, and more about what your views are on that item. Everyone hears things slightly different to exponentially different, and what the difference brings to the table (along with your personality/character) is what others are wanting to read/listen/watch about. Different views allow for a more robust understanding of what headphone/DAC/amps can really do. I struggle with doing reviews that others have done already or have beaten to death, but I need to just do them. If people like it or not doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy with what you created. I’m learning a lot from the wonderful people on this forum, which everyone has something to teach be it a lot or a little!


Well said. I don’t want to make a fool of myself though as there are some pretty knowledgeable people about. I suppose it’s about having the confidence to make that first step for a lot of people. Anyway they’re all great people on this forum. I haven’t seen one bad remark yet or any type of baiting. And long may it continue. This forum continues to be a breath of fresh air.


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I’m with you, I’m by no means as experienced or knowledgeable, but getting that experience and knowledge is a big part of the fun and wonder of this hobby. I’m working on a couple reviews right now, just need to dedicate some time to get them all put together. I try to put my limited knowledge and experience on the table with my reviews, so as I learn and understand more about what I’m learning so hopefully will the reader😁 added value and all that jazz! I really enjoyed your review and I look forward to your next ones.



Yeah thanks Tyler, I also look forward to your next ones. Practice makes perfect. And as you say it’s all a learning game. I just read as much as I can and try to better my listening skills.


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Posting impressions, or reviews, can be quite daunting.

This is particularly true in the audio world (and other hobbies that can be quite gear-centric), where there are legions of people with very strong brand/product allegiances, that will not hesitate to jump down your throat, in various impolite and unnecessary ways, if you say anything less than glowingly positive about their toy-du-jour.

Interestingly, some brands in particular seem to engender a much greater degree of such behavior than others - and I have a few choice stories there that, in the interests of keeping things civil, I shall keep to myself.

When you start to add structure to such impressions and reviews, that adds a subtle air of formality or authority to what’s being said, and that tends to amplify the reactions you’ll get - pro or con. And since everyone is generally using different chains, different music and has different preferences - about all you can do is stay true to yourself, remain as technically accurate as you can, and keep at it.

It gets easier (and more comfortable) the more you do - both in terms of what you learn with more exposure to more gear and different listening regimen, but also, of course, just the practice of writing and figuring how best to convey what you’re hearing in a way that makes sense to others.

You learn something new from every review you write, or impressions you post.

Thanks for taking the time to share and I hope you’ll do more in the future!


Very true!

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I certainly will. And thank you for your encouragement.

I have seen many an online argument over reviews and opposite opinions. And it does often get into a mud slinging contest. This sort of thing turns people off and stops participation in the forums in question for fear of just this kind of thing.


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