Maybe a Loan Company for Headphone Equipment

I know many times I could have used one. How about you?

This is a joke

Believe it not, this not only actually exists (and I’ve used it), but @andrew and @taronlissimore are planning to offer their own “Community Preview Program” - which will cover more than just headphones, but include amps and possibly sources as well.

The other place you can do this is via “The Cable Co.” and their “Lending Library”. Something I used a couple, or three, years ago to audition the Abyss AB-1266 and HiFi-Man HE1000 … as no-one I knew had either of them at the time.

The process was smooth, and the non-refundable deposit can be applied to any actual purchase their (not just the headphones you chose to audition). But obviously it helps if you’re just trying to narrow down a definite purchase.

I think the community program that’s going to be offered here is going to particularly useful though, as it’ll help generate a broader array of impressions on the available gear.


I never thought my topic would have been interpreted like that but after reading it I was able to see clearly your response.

I was joking and meant " Loan " $$$$ like boring to buy like I know I have since I couldn’t control my spending on equipment. Actually became reason I became exposed to " Headphone " listening and I haver never looked back.

You can of course buy the most expensive phones on credit a temptation I have resisted so far. It is also possible to trade in , a route I have followed usually with regret afterwards! For example I traded in HD800 against HD800S to find many people who preferred the earlier model for more transparent Bass. The only consolation is that buying top headphones by whatever means is a lot cheaper than buying full size Hi Fi!


Well, not a loan company, but I am a Financial Advisor. I’ve explained to a few hi-fi stores that they may safely send clients of the proper demographic in my direction, and I will not criticize, or at least will fully understand, their need for high-end audio equipment.

And I do create goals in portfolio reports. Custom goals. Easy to create a goal “Saving for STAX SR-009 and Blue Hawaii SE amplifier”

I am waiting with bated breath.