Metal571 Youtube Hiatus

Yea, he’s mentioned it several times in the past month that he wanted to take a break from it all and he finally did it. I think some of the issues regarding the LCD1 review and how it wasn’t taken very well by another large internet forum of “friends” didn’t help either. He plans to still be in the hobby, but just not do anything formal.

I don’t blame him. Reviews take a lot of time and effort and I’ve already gotten burned out a few times doing it. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus myself, mostly due to work travel and work commitments, but it does feel nice to use my own hardware for a lengthy period of time.

Metal is aware of this forum, but I haven’t seen him post anything here yet. I do find this a nice safe zone of the internet for audio discussion. :slight_smile:


I totally understand that. I was glad to see that he had ‘early’ access to the LCD-1, and enjoyed the review.

I know he’s a member here (he confirmed it on my comment of the above YouTube video), and I’d like to see him become active here. His opinions as anyone’s are welcomed.


Yeah but guys, I’m just a “rando” youtuber according to a Highly Regarded Forum, remember?


Welcome to our forum!


It’s ok we’ve decided to keep you :heart:


I honestly don’t know whom you’re referring to, and it doesn’t really matter. Besides, you know what they say about opinions, everybody has one. And assholes. Everyone has one of those as well. :thinking:

Glad you posted and I hope to see you post more often on here. You’re opinions/impressions are welcomed here as anyone else’s. Hopefully you can get involved in the:

Any hoot, glad you posted!


Everyone is a rando YouTuber over there. Don’t take it personally. (Or do. Choice is yours.) Speaking from experience, SBAF isn’t an audio forum. It really isn’t. It’s a small group of people which has a very specific social structure, and most people don’t / won’t recognize this when reading or participating there. (It’s like a mini-ASR in many ways.)

If you aren’t in the core ‘click’, then you’re a Rando. Even some people who have Friend status are considered Randos by the core group. Trust me.

So, there are a few ways to regard this. SBAF is an online audio forum that is hostile to outsiders and any opinions that don’t align to the core membership, or …

A closed off society of friends, with all the good and bad things that go along with that. (Opinion echo chamber, not a broad variety of opinions, narrow focus, etc.) It doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just different. You don’t walk into a rough and roudy biker bar where nobody knows you, start playing Brittany Spears on the juke box, put The Bachelor up on the big screen, talk crap about Harley Davidson, and loudly declare your opinions are facts while demanding others respect your choices and bow to your preferences. That’s exactly what I see the majority of Randos do there, and they usually find their butt being kicked out the door, hastily.

SBAF isn’t for everyone. Hell, it’s not for 99% of people. Just because it exists doesn’t mean you should pay attention to it. I took a 6 month break from it because I was upset about the condensing comments from most of the moderators, their tendency to be dismissive instead of helpful, and many other quirks that pressed my buttons. I’m glad I did, as it put a lot of things into perspective for me. I’m not defending their behavior, but I think we should just call a pig a pig and recognize it for what it is. It’s something I wouldn’t get upset over.

Anyway, enjoy your break. I’ve seen lots of your videos and hope you pick that up again in the future.


The core participants here are very low drama. They avoid personal attacks, and there’s little snobbery. Those inciting drama are generally ignored, and so they routinely fade away.



Hi @metal571! You’re not a rando to me. Hope you enjoy your early retirement. Miss you already. :slight_smile:


Welcome @metal571!


I remember this thread but that’s just SBAF folklore, I never treated it very seriously. Your reviews were mentioned many times with a great degree of respect, I am going to miss your channel.


“rando” reminds me of “Mando”…


Anytime you put something out on the internet you are taking a chance for some keyboard tough guy to sit behind their screen and say unkind things as they know there will be little repercussions for their typed words. It is the sad fact of the social media, you tube, internet world we live in. That’s one thing I love about this forum and community. @taronlissimore and @andrew and all the other original founding members have created a place where everyone here is super supportive and knowledgeable. Of course I am a member of a few forums and follow some reviewers on youtube but to be honest this is the only forum/community online I visit daily and look forward to it! Glad to see @metal571 here with us!


I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I think the impact online words have on our psychology is underweighted by society right now.

The online words can hurt just as much as they would in person, but the one writing them isn’t exposed to the feedback system that exists in real life.


100% agree!


Yea I totally agree. I can’t imagine how much more challenging it would be to grow up as a teenage in a world like it is today with the constant online bullying and social media presence of posting and sharing your entire life online to be criticized on a daily, and not being mature enough to handle it.

It’s already hard enough to handle it as an adult sometimes, but being younger and dealing with it must be exponentially harder.


I Think We’re all Bozos on this

There’s definitely a detachment of accountability.

I created this post not because @metal571 is a headphone reviewer, but more so because he’s another human being. It bothered me that he was upset enough to have to walk away from something that he’s passionate about because of some anonymous bullying.

I knew he was a member here (though he hadn’t posted until today) and I wanted him to know that people value his work. I’m grateful for the positive responses from the forum, and I’m glad he’s seen it.

Thanks to all for the positive words and letting him know that he’s welcome here.


First off welcome to the fourm @metal571
I don’t post much on other forums anymore because of the attitude that some of the members have at those other sites.

I am very glad I found this fourm as this community here has been very welcoming. More so than any of the other fourms I have been on.
The community here seems to care about what is important, enjoying your gear and most important enjoying the music. As this IMO is what this hobby/passion is all about, enjoying the music.

I understand that there will always be (unfortunately) people that just want to cause trouble and post negative ‘things’ about anyone who does online/YouTube reviews, but you did this because you enjoy this hobby/passion.

I will say this, enjoy your break and try not to let these ‘negative people’ ruin your passion for audio. I do hope you come back (YouTube reviews) if you want to, but I believe most people will support whatever decision you make on the matter.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Take care,



Hi and welcome @metal571. You’re never going to be just some ‘Rando’. There are a lot sad and childish people who like to spread hate in all walks of life. I would say take no notice. But it does hurt when folk constantly nit pick. Enjoy your time for yourself now.