Meze Audio Liric Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Don’t forget the DCA mobile amp option:


It’s much lighter than it looks. I float on my tiptoes.

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I don’t find the above 10k area problematic at all, but I’ve tried bringing the 3-5k area down a little bit, and have had very favourable results with that.

I really do hope Meze do a fullsize (the LIRIC is over ear, but smaller than the ELITE) closed back with the ELITE driver at some point, as the potential is there imo.

The LIRIC does give up a lot of performance in comparison to the ELITE in an overall general sense, but for what is is, I’m enjoying it a lot, even currently.

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Just dropping @Chrono’s video review here - his written review has been published on the main site already. I’m hyped to try the Liric as soon as possible!