MMCX mod for Grado sr60's...Cut the cables!

So this morning I did something Grado should have done decades ago, I now have the ability to use 3rd party cables on my sr60’s. I have owned my sr60’s for close to 25 years and I was tired of lugging around the telephone pole sized cable, so after a quick purchase off EBay for some short MMCX connectors, I went to work.

That felt liberating…

After I used my wife’s hairdryer to loosen the glue and separate the cups, I cleaned out any glue residue and cut the driver wire to about a 2 inch length. I drilled new holes to accommodate the MMCX connecter (the connector is a lot smaller in diameter than the stock cable holes. Trust me, don’t try to find washers to use, just drill the holes). The hardest part is the soldering but after basically making one connector useless with too much solder, I got the hang of it and is wasn’t too bad. If your eye sight is bad, it might be rough. I have some magnifying glasses I use when I work on watches (another hobby) that made the soldering a lot easier. Final test was connecting my new LG V20 with the MMCX I use for my Monolith M300’s and with a sigh of relief, we had sound.

With a nice 16 core MMCX cable (a rather nice blue color) on its way, this was a mod I should have done years ago. If you decide to mod your Grado’s, my suggestion is take your time. It isn’t difficult. For about 2 hours in time and about $8 in MMCX connectors, this is a no brainer for Grado-holics like myself. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Good luck!


interesting. link to the mmcx connectors?

4x Earphone MMCX Female Connector Socket with Screw Copper Plated | eBay

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I know there’s a long MMCX connector but I went with the short due to the limited amount of room in the cup. The short fit perfectly.

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I have an update to my sr60 mod. ThreadLock will be of great help on the threads of the MMCX connector. The little nut on the connector is very difficult to get tightened down and this morning when I went to plug in and listen, I found out the when the connector moves, it tends to un-connect the solder on fragile solder point. So I had to bring out the iron again. Get it as tight as you can and thread lock it!

Also…poor man’s GW100’s

Grado’s are hard to power and the Fiio’s come close. Volume is not great, but it’s clean and extremely light.

Afternoon everyone! My final update on my MMCX mod. No issues, no complaints. Just received my new cable and with the MMCX mod, I have rediscovered my sr60’s and fell in love with them again. And with all this, let me discuss weight loss. The stock cable cut at the cup is 76 grams by itself. The headphones weigh 126 grams and my new cable is 22 grams. For comparison, my Hifiman Edition S’s are 250 grams without cable.

I don’t know if I would call Grados “portable” due to the absolute lack of any noise cancellation, but these come really close due to the lack of weight.

I hope this has been helpful and maybe steered you into considering this mod to remove that horrible cable.