SRH 1540 tear down and MMCX port mod

Tear down

Very very simple. Just a couple of screws. Very serviceable can. Way to go Shure. :clap: :clap: :clap:

A couple of pictures:

Driver front.

Driver rear.

Yoke disassembled.

Picture above shows a lot of potential for tuning mods.

MMCX port mod

Got sick of using stock cable, built specifically for the recessed MMCX port, and did not want to purchase a specific one. Letโ€™s just make the port larger, shall we?


  1. A drill with a 1/4" drill bit;
  2. Remove both the yoke and the driver so drilling it will be way easier;
  3. Be gentle twice.


Before drilling - front view. Original port is ~5mm

After drilling - front view. Enlarged port is around 7mm.

After drilling - top view.

How about the warranty?

Thereโ€™s that. This mod will probably void the warranty. Mine has expired in late 2021 so I was up for experimenting.

What else

While servicing, it is always a good idea to tighten the clamp force on the headband. :heavy_check_mark:

How? Just bend it. :muscle:


Now I have a wireless SRH 1540. It does lack juice for quieter sources. It is quite OK for music though and for watching TV.

SRH 1540 with the RMCE-BT2 bluetooth module.

Now to the MMCX balanced cable I can share with with my other Shure IEMs. :smirk:

Cheers. :beers:



I didnโ€™t want to do it, but seen your post now, gave me that last push.
I now drilled the holes too and I can run any MMCX cables into my Shure 1540, particularly a balanced cable! (the ones for the recessed MMCX were ยฃ40 on ebay!).

Thanks. Just need to be gentler when plugging the cables in.


Welcome to the community.

No problem.

Nice. In my case, it was an easy decision after the expired warranty. On my unit, ended up putting this cable:

Before installing this IEM cable, my Shures had this one for the past few months, just in case one is interested. They also make in other terminations as well:

Enjoy. :+1: