SRH 1540 tear down and MMCX port mod

Tear down

Very very simple. Just a couple of screws. Very serviceable can. Way to go Shure. :clap: :clap: :clap:

A couple of pictures:

Driver front.

Driver rear.

Yoke disassembled.

Picture above shows a lot of potential for tuning mods.

MMCX port mod

Got sick of using stock cable, built specifically for the recessed MMCX port, and did not want to purchase a specific one. Letโ€™s just make the port larger, shall we?


  1. A drill with a 1/4" drill bit;
  2. Remove both the yoke and the driver so drilling it will be way easier;
  3. Be gentle twice.


Before drilling - front view. Original port is ~5mm

After drilling - front view. Enlarged port is around 7mm.

After drilling - top view.

How about the warranty?

Thereโ€™s that. This mod will probably void the warranty. Mine has expired in late 2021 so I was up for experimenting.

What else

While servicing, it is always a good idea to tighten the clamp force on the headband. :heavy_check_mark:

How? Just bend it. :muscle:


Now I have a wireless SRH 1540. It does lack juice for quieter sources. It is quite OK for music though and for watching TV.

SRH 1540 with the RMCE-BT2 bluetooth module.

Now to the MMCX balanced cable I can share with with my other Shure IEMs. :smirk:

Cheers. :beers: