Monoprice Liquid Spark Headphone Amplifier by Alex Cavalli $67.99 + Free Shipping

Sale price on a $100 headphone amplifier. Pairs decently well with classic Beyerdynamic DT series headphones for those looking to put together a budget system.


Do you still have the pairing DAC, @hottyson?

Yes, I still have the Liquid Spark DAC. I don’t recommend the Liquid Spark DAC. It will work decent from USB but the optical spdif input is complete garbage.

That’s too bad. They’ve been out of stock for maybe 2 years now? I doubt they’ll be back in Production.

Only good as furniture, I’d guess. :smile:

You could put it behind your tire to keep your car from rolling, or perhaps wedge a door open

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Hello, i’m new here and just ordered monoprice m1570c planar closed back normal price $599 on sale $220 i was pondering making a good investment in audeze lcd 2 when this sale came on couldn’t resist hope there ok


Earman, Welcome to your headphone community!
One of the pros of the Monoprice M1570C is that it sounds pretty good even without equalization. The con for me since I have become addicted to equalization is that I can’t locate any equalization presets for M1570C to squeeze the last bit of performance out easily. Not having preset equalization nor even frequency measurements are pretty common for less popular brands such as Monoprice.
While the Monoprice M1570C are not my favorite headphones, they do sound good for the money. And, if you got it for $220 you paid about one hundred less dollars than I paid for mine used! What a great deal and you should hear $400 performance from them.

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Hello , thanks for the response , I feel better about them now . Getting info on headphones is tough . I read on a forum somewhere that getting planar headphones and a balanced signal is a nice upgrade for your music library.
Getting info on balanced headphones is tough . I’m waiting to see if the m1570c s are truly balanced before I try an another unbalanced to balanced converter .

You will just need to get a balanced cable for them.

Although, based on your post in the other thread, you will also need a balanced amplifier (unless you already have one).

Hello, as far as I can tell there are unbalanced to balanced converters , some passive and some powered . They appear to have assorted unbalanced inputs as RCAs and 2 XLR and outputs as RCAs and 2 XLRS .From what I gathered so far such a converter would require 2;separate amps with I assume a extra ground , to convert unbalanced to balanced . Each side of balanced will need at least 3 wires .

See my post in the other thread.