Monoprice Liquid Platinum 484$ at Monoprice
I hear good things about this amp, hybrid tube amp


Woow, That’s a steal.

yep, originally they where 800$ 40% off. They where on the Master Switch for best tube amp. and they should be good for Planars too being hybrid. I bought one. been looking for an upgrade to my Dark Voice.

I hope the Monoprice company is ok. they got a lot of stuff on sale. their headphones and recently they just put their 3d printers on sale too.

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What kind of upgrade are you expecting? With respect to what, exactly?

Mine has been very idle. Use it once a week. I can’t hear any valve distortion. Amp is actually very clean and just too powerful for my listening levels and the cans I have. I’m very happy with it nevertheless. Paid $600 for it, back in April.

I had no issues with them until now. I’m curious to see their promised Liquid Spark/Platinum DACs they have been promising for the last year. But on this case, I hope I can control my anxiety and get them on a sale like this.

Market is crazy out there. Tons of competition. We should be wise enough to get the right gear at the right price. Too bad we tend to sabotage ourselves and pulling the trigger too early. :smile:

I’ll share you the drug I have been using to control my GAS: DSP :shushing_face: .


Does it have the tube sound? If you cant hear any valve distortion does it sound like a tube amp?

Not to my ears. But take my word with skepticism. I’m only familiar with all valve guitar amps, not heaphone amps. And the LP has only preamp valves and mine are still with stock tubes. There’s a big chance there’s little to no distortion at all. Specs report a THD < 0.1%.

I just can’t hear it. :smile:

Did you check the specific thread for this amp?

I bought a Monoprice Liquid Platinum on Amazon for $599 two weeks ago. It didn’t show up so they sent a replacement. Both arrived about an hour ago. Must have been a blockage and they needed to send a second one to clear it out :-/

I bought a matched pair of Genalex Gold Lion 6922 tubes also from Amazon to use instead of the tubes that come with the LP. Now that there are two of them sitting in my house I might compare the Gold Lion to the stock tubes before returning.

I currently have my Astrell and Kern AK70 MKII plugged into the LP using balanced cables. I am also using balanced LQI Cables from the LP to my HIFIMAN Ananda. Tomorrow my Shiit Bifrost shows up so am excited to give that a try with the LP.

The LP definitely sounds different than when I plug directly into the AK70 MKII. I can’t turn the LP beyond 10 o’clock without pain, so it can easily drive the Ananda. I should also point out none of the cables, headphones, or (obviously) the amp have come close to their burn-in. In fact, only the headphones have been used before an hour ago :slight_smile:


Does it sound tuby at all? Can you keep us informed if it does? I hate to have to send it back. i wanted a tuby amp. i got the A90 for a powerful balanced amp

Still want to charge $155 USD for postage to me in Australia. Seriously! Even if it was $60 like all of the Schiit stuff, I’d have bought one!

@Antpage I am going to wait until tomorrow to comment on how tubie the LP is. I just ran it for 90 minutes with the Gold Lion tubes in it, and then down 2 hours comparing those against the stock tubes. Tomorrow my Shiit stuff arrives and it will give me a non-tube headphone amp to compare.

Monoprice LP is on sale $399. 50% off for those interested.


It is back on for $399 just in time not to get it for Christmas :slight_smile: