Monoprice LP Dac + ifi micro signature deals

First off the liquid Platinum dac is back in stock and on sale for 649. Just bought mine :smile:

iFi AUDIO micro iDSD Signature 449


Ahhh. Congrats. Please send us pictures when you get it.


Lol it’s still in the box. I’ll post it tonight. Been having a hard time enjoying long sessions of quality audio since I started going back to work, seriously unfortunate but that’s life!

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How the LP DAC is treating you?

Still in the box man LOL. Super Sad. Actually should get it out in case it’s DOA, just really caught up with work man been trying to bounce back from basically no work. I bought another pair of speakers which are still in the box and I got those two weeks before the LP :cold_face:

Take your time dude. :facepunch:

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