Mr. Speakers Flagship Ether 2 Headphones - like new, two cables

Price: 1400 net to me
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US; the headphones will be meticulously boxed and insured. Also,
Kent, England;
Brussels, Belgium.
(I’m half kidding, but do have friends in Europe so to those two locations it could actually work.)

These headphones are in superior condition; the only reason they are for sale is I’m moving to Raal headphones and amp. The Ether 2s are Dan Clark’s flagship headphone, for under $3K they are extremely hard to beat, extremely lightweight and comfortable, open and detailed, planar magnetics.

SEE PHOTOS and detailed description for sale by DelsFan under Headphones for Sale on the Head-Fi forum.

I have an extremely good and versatile Pass Labs HPA-1 for sale also, excellent condition. I will list the amplifier on this forum, separately; but there is also a link to my detailed amplifier listing in my Ether 2 post on Head-Fi.