Music and drink pairings

Music and drinks tend to go hand in hand with me. Not sure about you guys.

If I’m listening to smooth Jazz, I tend to reach for the scotch (JW Blue is preferred but that’s a mostly once every couple of months kind of bottle).

With EDM and trance, it tends to be Vodka. I’m not entirely sure why on this one, it just seems to be my natural instinct.

Hard Rock has me cracking open a beer every time. Never craft beer though, that tends to get saved for when I get into acoustics.

How about you guys? Do you have a particular genre that leads you to a particular drink?


Nice topic.
For me, craft beer is good for everything, except Jazz. For Jazz and Big Band, Wine all the way. Never met a Bordeaux that didn’t pair with John Coltrane or Miles Davis.


Listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket and drinking some South Maine Bissell Brothers Swish. Great stuff.


I’m a wine guy, mostly big reds. Right now a nice Malbec and the new Neil Young Roxy “Tonight’s The Night” Tidal MQA stream via the brand new Roon 1.5 with inbuilt MQA unfolding.

This is a truly amazing time to be into digital audio.

Great stuff!


Back when I still drank alcohol, it was craft beer with indie rock, crap beer with loud metal music, and scotch with orchestra and jazz. I can’t say wine ever really grew on me at all, let alone with music.


Totally agree about the crap beer and loud music. They definitely go hand in hand


Ardbeg and anything. :wink:

Beer for EDM/Pop for sure. Blue Moon when I’m too lazy to get Weihenstephaner.

Alt Rock/Classical goes nicely with Black Label (Blue is uh, too pricey).

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Bubble Gum and Strawberry Milkshakes
Ragas and Bhang
Newfoundland bar music and 91% isopropyl
Disney kids and Ipacac
Buena Vista Social Club and Guayabita del Pinar
Parliament/Funkadelic and anything that won’t drink me first
Scotch and Silence. Preferably single malt from Wick, or 17 year old Jura.


Green tea for acoustic music.

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Now that I think about it, it’s usually coffee with everything these days.


I would rather pair Wolves In The Throne Room or YOB with a Kentucky Bourbon and Guinness back. :sunglasses:

Drink pairings for me are aligned with time of day and seasons more than anything. Darjeeling, green Oolong or a light roast in the AM and IPA, Martini or rum in the PM during the warmer months; Assam or a medium roast during the colder month in the AM and a heavy red, stout, or bourbon in the PM.

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Care to mix it up with some mate or matcha? :wink:

Country music product and hemlock? :leaves:

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I ain’t drinking that matcha kool-aid! :joy:

Like most humans, I’m a creature of habit. I only drink coffee, water, and kale smoothies, because I still enjoy them for what they are. This also translates to my current collection of headphones: I’m happy with it, so I haven’t really felt the need to change it up just yet.

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Mine and Andrew’s go to drink at Starbucks is actually a 2-shot latte with 10 scoops of Matcha. Not exactly the healthiest but it gets the job done. Usually goes hand in hand with some fast rock with some Ska thrown into the mix!

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Holy shit! Isn’t one scoop of matcha equivalent to 10 cups of green tea?! :scream:

That’s why we get so much done :wink:


Orange La Croix for casual listening, but when I’m doing some more involved sessions, I like a glass of Macallan 15 year on the rocks. In the summertime, a mint julep or gin and tonic to keep it fresh.