MUST SELL: Airist RDAC & Schiit Modi Multibit v2 (F) PayPal

Hopefully it’s the last time I post this here, lol. But I’ve finally found a slightly used Bifrost 2 to upgrade to, so it’s time to let these two like-new condition R2R / Multibit DACs go to a new owner. Both have extremely low hours on them; I’d say somewhere between 5-10 for both tops. Both come with all original accessories and packaging as well. The RDAC more than likely will never be made again and is already pretty rare, and the Mimby will also be retired by Schiit pretty soon from what I’ve read. If interested please just let me know; I’ll post pics ASAP. Thank you guys!

Both together: $575
Artist RDAC: $400
Modi Multibit v2: $175


Messaged you about the Airist

And I think you responded on facebook to my post. I may be interested in the multibit. But I assume the bifrost trounces it?

Hey there. Yes, I did respond on your Facebook post earlier. To be totally honest with you, I’ve read differing reviews / impressions of the original Bifrost in comparison to the Modi Multibit (V1 or V2). Some say the Bifrost trumps it pretty well, others say they’re just about neck and neck as far as sound quality goes. I do know that for the most part, the Mimby is considered to sound better than the Multibit card you can add to things like the Schiit amps such as the Lyr, Joutenheim, etc. Apparently it’s about how the internal components of the Mimby are implemented compared to how the Multibit card is put together. I happen to love the Mimby myself; it’s a fantastic Multibit DAC in my opinion, no matter the price. If you decide you’re interested in it or have any other questions, just let me know.



I probably would have bought it if this all happened before I bought the bifrost. It shipped today. I could see myself going the iemagni, loki, modi multibit route. That is almost worth just doing. All for the same price as the jot + 4490. And modi multibit units don’t ship for months when new.

PM’ed for the Mimby. This addition will give me another full stack.

@bogginhead Hi are you still interested in selling the Airist? I’ve messaged you but you didn’t message me back, I wonder if you didn’t see my messages.

I just discovered that @bogginhead is a banned user on reddit’s AVExchange.

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Oh shoot. “Took money and delayed shipment for 1 month before ghosting user and re-listing headphones.”

Dang, guess I dodged a bullet there.

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