My first impressions of buying Kennerton Russian Made headphones

Hey headphone lovers- I’m relatively new here- but I just wanted to share I am doing some reviews on headphones, I ordered and paid for some Kennerton headphones (The Magni V2 and Gjallarhorn), I also just bought some Ollo headphones the reference ones I dont know which model they are - I plan on doing some video reviews at home while this whole Covid19 thing is till going on. All of these companies offer a 30 money back guarantee- so I figured I’d put em all on paypal 6 month no interest- and keep only one. I need to keep busy and do it fast- cause I only have less than 3 weeks left with Kennertons- but so far I am loving the Magni. The Ghorn as I call it- is very different- not boring- not reference- but dam fun. I did print a review on another web site forum for headphone lovers- I dont know if I can mention their name or not- but I feel like people here should be able to read about my experience. How can I post the review here- I could use anyone’s help. Thank you!


I did a review and I do not work for Kennerton or make money doing reviews- its an honest book long review I wrote… I’m hoping to share the review here…

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Please post it here! Look forward to hearing about your experience with them.


Is there a place I can actually post a review like I did on head-fi? (

Maybe @DarthPool can create an official Kennerton thread?

Paging Dr. Pool. Doctor Darth Eugene Pool. Please go to a red courtesy phone.


here you go:

please post reviews there and if they are specific headphone reviews I’ll create said headphone thread as well and move the review

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