New Headphones coming from JDS Labs

Pretty interesting… I think it is funny that gaming is bringing more an more audiophile companies into the mainstream. I will probably back this because I really like JDS labs. I backed the Mobius, because Audeze is a company that I’ve been meaning to get headphones from and the Mobius price point during the campaign was to hard to pass up.

Also that being said would there be any interest in having a gaming section in our community?Maybe not a true gaming section But maybe a games with amazing audio, Such as Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice. The audio in this especially while wearing headphones is ridiculous!

I love listening to cinematic games (Doom, Assassins Creed origins, Destiny 2 etc) with higher end headphones it is quite the experience. Just a thought…


I’m in the same boat. I’ve used the Utopias for Overwatch (they weren’t excellent for that due to their nature) but I’ve also used them for Skyrim and they are bloody amazing. Would I recommend 4 grand headphones for gaming? Absolutely not. But they are pretty damn fun!

I am glad companies are starting to hit the gaming market and recognizing that gaming headphones don’t need to be gaudy monstrosities made with cheap plastic and a terrible microphone. Its something I have been pushing for a long time as @andrew can attest to.


I use my HD800s all the time to game with lol…but I actually prefer my HD700 for gaming. On xbox I use the Sennheiser PC37X from Massdrop, which will be replaced by the Mobius hopefully! Speaking of, I just got an email from Audeze with this article linked:

These can’t show up fast enough!

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The look of the Vokyl is very similar to Audio-Technica’s ATH-ADG1X.

We chose aluminum magnesium drivers for their crystal clear, amazingly accurate sound.

It’s interesting that they chose the aluminum magnesium driver. Wonder if they’re looking to tap into that Focal Clear hype. Definitely like that they aren’t throwing all the useless LEDs and junk on them (although I am guilty of owning a couple things that have that junk and enjoy them).

We’ve been waiting for our demo unit to get shipped out to us for over a month now. I am right there with you on that front. It’s supposed to ship out next week but we will see if that happens! It was fun at CanJam SoCal but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to play with any of the DSP or use it for any live testing.


Team Copper myself :wink: man they don’t look bad on the head either.

I tried using the Focal Elex with gaming for a lil bit but…they make music sound nice not really games lol.

that is how I got into Audiophile headphones lol…started with Sharkoons :

and I then went to Astro, and was an Astro fanboy for awhile, before finding Sennheiser. I was about to buy some Razer headphones before I went down the Sennheiser route.
I use Atmos for headphone on my computer, and Xbox , very cool sounding in games that support it (Overwatch is one of the better ones, so is Assassins Creed Origins). I’m salivating over Cyberpunk 2077 the new trailer and info coming out on it are … yeah can’t wait.

Edit: I need to convince my wife to let me go to a Canjam one day lol… She has family and friends in the SoCal area so maybe next time they are in San Diego…

I read up on Mobius a whole bunch and just placed an order. Seems like a great deal for $340, given everything it does.

Definitely! Even if it only hits on 80% of what its promising it should still be pretty good bang for your buck.

The audio in Senua’s Sacrifice is amazing, they did a really good job of making me feel like I was going a bit crazy. Going to be interesting to see what they come up with now they’ve been bought by Microsoft.

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Hey @DarthPool

Full disclosure I work for both JDS Labs and Vokyl Audio

Thanks for the support! While we’re going to be incorporating some JDS Labs qualities in our work like US machining and assembly, Vokyl is actually a separate company made up of several JDS Labs team members.


Is there a website up yet? Or will it launch with the Indiegogo launch? I would like to learn more about it. Looking forward to your inputs on the Audiophile/Gaming topics.

Here are some links!

We’re still finalizing some things but will probably start trickling out more information as time passes.

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I like the detail in the yokes! it looks like it might be different colors in the pictures is this something that is random during the build process? They look very nice! I look forward to backing it on Indiegogo.

Our current colorways are burnt orange or blue, so we’ve just been testing to see how they will look. Thanks for the support!

Created an account just to chime in. I’m interested in learning about and buying into audiophile gaming. I’ve been using V-Moda Crossfades on my Xbox for a couple years, but with the Atmos software out now, and these new Audeze and Vokyl cans coming out, it seems like there’s a lot of potential to get excited about.

Oh, and Hellblade is an absolute masterpiece that needs to be experienced the best way possible, so there’s that, too.

I’m super stoked to play Hellblade with my HD800 and the Mobius when I get it! I’ve dabbled in Hellblade but have been putting it off for when I have more time to dedicate to it. Right now I’m playing hollowknight on my switch with CA Cascades and Andromedas lol

The audio cues in Hollowknight are awesome…plus the music is really good also

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Visually it does remind me of the old Classic the ATH AD700 which was luaded as an excellent can for it’s “clarity” an overall accurate sound despite it’s lack of bass

curious either way to see how this compares to other stuff! Any one get an idea of where the MSRP is set around

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According to this interview, co-founder Jude Hopper estimates the Erupt retailing for between $300 and $500.

The Indiegogo page is still pre-launch, but for now is offering 50% off MSRP for initial backers.

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So the funding campaign went live today:

Anyone going to take the plunge?

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Backed, have the preview units that went out, been reviewed yet? I’m having a hard time finding the early reviews.