My wife can't stand my leaky headphones/IEMs! I need help!

The type of headphone I am looking for is (Closed-back, open-back, in-ear, wireless, etc):IEM

My price range is: $250 and below

I like to listen to: A lot of everything

I will be using them for: (Travel, commuting, home, gym, etc…):Anywhere my wife could possibly hear my music.

I love my Grado sr60’s but my wife can’t stand the absolute lack of sound containment. I really enjoy my Monolith M300’s but again, open back planars let everyone hear what you’re listening to. I love my KZ ZS10 Pro’s but lets face it, they are nice but when I want to listen to live recordings or classical and want detail and soundstage, they fall short.

So I’m asking for some suggestions and help. I value detail and soundstage (imaging). I’ve read some really great reviews on IEM’s on these forums but it seems that there a million and one new IEM’s being released every year, so one can get lost. Power and source will not be a problem. I’m currently using a LG V20 and Topping NX1s but will be buying a Monolith portable THX AAA for Christmas.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Check out the Etymotic IEMs, they’re a deep fit (so not everyone loves them) but they really do isolate sound going out/in.

At your budget I’d probably go ER4XR but some like the cheaper ER2XR better (less detailed but better timbre from what I’ve heard)



The Dunu 3s are decent. $139.


I wondered the same. Did he post in the wrong section?

A second vote for the ER2XR. I listen to them in bed while laying next to my wife, and she’s never complained that they leak.


I want to thank you both for your replies. My post was flagged by someone as inappropriate. I did start this post but then something happened with my computer and I tried to delete the original, but couldn’t.

Back to my dilemma. After listening to my M300’s again, I do love planars. How about the Tin P1’s? Also, after watching a certain YouTuber, he did say that the Thieaudio Legacy line did fit my “details, imaging and soundstage” criteria. I’ve noticed that even the Legacy 5’s are in my price range.

Any thoughts?

I have no idea why it was flagged, unless someone thought your question should go in the “General Questions” thread. Or, they accidentally hit the “flag” button without realizing.

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