Neo-Progressive, Art-Rock Albums to Die For! (e.g. Muse)

Listening to remastered version of Muse’s “Origin of Symmetry” from 2001 and shedding tears of regret for not finding this album MUCH sooner! They don’t make music like this anymore…
I would love other great recommendations in this genre.


Hey there,
Muse is pretty unique, however here’s some (kind of) similar bands that I would tour them with (if my job was planning their tours): Dredg, Minus The Bear, Placebo, Death From Above 1979, Cyclefly, some Chevelle, Coheed and Cambria, Russian Circles, Failure.

Thansk for the rec’s. I’ll check them out over time.
I AM finding that some of the older, less well-recorded Muse stuff is a bit grating to listen to on revealing headphones… :hot_face: