Quboz Users Top 5 Airtime

Hey guys, just got an email from Quboz in regards to my top 5 most listened to artists over the past year.

I posted this thread to see what you guys have been listening to and help grow mine plus others music experience.

Really trying to get into more and more different singers/groups/composers/etc

If you’re comfortable posting your top 5 throw it in the mix, not sure if other services offer this information. It would be equally helpful.

Even if you don’t have this available, maybe your top 3 go to and are always a listening pleasure.

Happy Holidays Everyone!




Wish there was a way to get this information all the time.


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Really liking Quboz now especially on desktop you get auto play function. It’s phenomenal, I got roon now as well as I have two streamers, not sure if roon has had that auto play function prior to Quboz. The thing is on roon it sucks, and the algorithm is far better on Quboz

But yes it would be nice to see @Walk159

Congrats on Roger Waters making your top 5. With your #2, you’ve firmly established yourself in the community of good taste. No please tell me that your Pink Floyd includes all of the Syd Barrett material.

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I don’t play those games lol, I appreciate the entire band and all of its feuds with it.

I actually own almost every Pink Floyd album, besides the early work, I know I’m missing Umaguma for sure and one more of there too published albums. Can’t recall which one, it’s been a while, since like 2002

Never really knew their early work existed on album until Quboz

Umaguma is what I started with. Then I think Relics and Anthem of the Sun. Power Toc h and then AXOMOXOA. Atom Heart Mother. Meddle, such a nice album. And I’ve got Syd Barrett’s albums also, Barrett and The Madcap Laughs. I guess I was a Junior in college when their “sellout” album came out, Dark Side. I was listening to The Valley and More. The movie for More is great, I’ve never been able to see The Valley.

Early Pink Floyd is awesome. There are many bands where you can trace their roots, what they listened to, their influences. No so much with Pink Floyd.

True, I’ve heard all the albums, but of all the mainstream ones which you can purchase I got almost the entire discography. Don’t even have a CD player at the moment. Only streaming so everything is pretty much available.

I remember people would always ask me to burn cds for them since I had the whole package.

Think I see more of an appreciation for them with a quality system. 99% of my listening is currently stereo. I’m a big spaghetti western fan, so I listen to a lot ennio. Never even knew he had such a big role in movie tracks. Can’t really go wrong with any of his work.