Best IEMs or headphones under 300

Hi guys, so i am new to headphones and iems in general and wish to seek your help. so i have watched a lot of reviews, and there are so many options available out there, that i dont know what to buy, so i thought i would come on here and ask for your guys opinion. i have seen a few headphones such as the 1more quad driver, brainwavz b400 ,fiio fh1 etc and i am just not sure what to buy. I have hear great things about the quad, however the weight of it and the fact it hasn’t got a detachable cable it putting me off it. Is there any alternatives to the 1more quads with a similar if not better sound quality with crisp vocals and a bit of bass, that would feature a detachable cable? I have heard that the campfire comets are good but apprently they sound muffled but have an amazing build quality. And recently thr fiio fh5 have released ehoch are supposed to be great but have never heard them and dont know their build quality.I would like the best sound under 300 dollars witha a detatchable cable that is realtivly quality and wont break in a few months.i would mainly listen yo music with these. I tend to listen to pop house and electric i just need something really clear and crisp with a bit of bass not too overpowering . if you could let me know their thoughts that would be awesome Thanks, looking forward to your opinions.

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