No longer for sale!: Eddie Current Aficionado

Not having much luck selling the Woo, so I’m putting my other amps up for sale as well, I’ll keep whichever one remains.

Eddie Current Aficionado. I’m the second owner. I love this amp, I’d probably never sell it if I wasn’t getting the Stellaris.

It has both the Tertiary mod and Duelund JDM Tinned Copper Caps mod both done by Eddie Current.

Comes with the following tubes:
Driver tubes: we396a and Grant Fidelity 6sn7 treasure globe with adapter
Power tubes : JJ and RCA 2a3s
Rectifier: Cossor GZ-37 skinny bottle
There’s probably a couple of stock tubes besides that are in one of the boxes.

Price is $2250 including PayPal G&S. It’s in 2 boxes so shipping is on you


Good luck with your sale!

The market has been much slower, over the last few months, than I’ve ever seen it. Even well priced items, like your Woo and the Aficionado you have listed here, have been very slow to move/generate interest.

Personally, I decided to pull my listings and wait for a more energetic market (probably around Thanksgiving/Black Friday). An easy call, where I don’t need the cash (more just not wanting lots of audio gear sitting around in boxes not being used). But … if a <$50% MSRP price, on rare, expensive, long lead/build-time gear isn’t enough … I’d rather keep the stuff even if I’m not using it.

Again, good luck … it’s a great sounding amp … and I’d snap it up just for the variety if I wasn’t heading out of the hobby!


Thanks Torq! I’m hoping this is the one to keep, but I doubt that will be the case.

Turns out I get to keep it after all! Last man standing!