One suggestion

A few forums that I used to visit have a members system category that I really like. Every member can their individual tread where we can how a system evolves and I as a user can post even minor changes that curently has no natural home.

Just a thought.



There is the ability to edit stuff up to 3000 characters in your profile. Not as flexible as you’d like, and wordy old farts like me have to keep trimming down the extraneous comments as they add equipment.

Yes I know but then there will be few comments and discussion on the motivations etc


Well, there is nothing really stopping you or anyone from starting such a thread, but let me yell out to the usual suspects to see if they think maybe it can be structured more formally.
HEY @SenyorC @taronlissimore @Torq @Resolve @Precogvision @antdroid

I think this is a pretty good idea, and I can see the benefit of it being structured in some way that someone with less than level 4 can’t do.

There - it’s up for consideration. There may well be concerns from the Discourse and Indexing side that I’m not aware of because I last did serious moderating years ago when we all used telnet.


I’m unaware of anyway to do this in Discourse, either OOB nor via any existing plug-in.

Which doesn’t mean there isn’t; but if there is it is not obvious/I can’t find it.

I imagine a custom plugin could be written to do it, however:

  1. I don’t know if non-official (Discourse-approved) plug-ins can be used with the SaaS/hosted version of Discourse (which this is). And if not, which would be typical for SaaS solutions, getting it approved may be quite involved.

  2. You’d have to find someone to write it*.

*I could do it, at a technical level. It’s time and motivation that would be the issue; usually to get me to do any kind of web-dev (that isn’t for a personal project) requires large, up-front, infusions of cash. And right now, the only code I’m interested in writing is either a) for my latest start-up or b) for the Atari 8-bit ahead of the Mini 400 launch.

Yes, I know there are a fair number of plug-ins. Never having been an admin for Discourse, I don’t pay attention to what’s out there or what instabilities may show up. While I did do a fair amount in the early days under University of Guelph’s CoSy system, I lied exaggerated about how out of date I really am. I did use some Joomla-related messaging systems post 2005…

Just to clarify, what I´m suggesting is a new section “Members systems” where a each member can have their individual tread and anyone can comment just like normal. This is the way that old hifi forums had it set up and it works good.


Oh, if that’s all you want, then obviously it is a basic OOB capability.

It’ll to probably fall to @taronlissimore to decide if that’s something they want to set up.

The best way to proceed, for now, is to just create the thread for you system in the General section, make sure to create a tag for it - something like “member system”* (and apply it to your thread), and post a note about the intent.

If it catches on/is popular enough, the section can be created later and the posts moved there easily (as long as the thread is tagged).


I think I’ll start one for you with with some suggestions here.

First, this should be in the Miscellaneous Category, which I’m sure Ian (@Torq) meant rather than “general” as there is no general general section or category.

Tags are found when you create a new topic/thread. You create a new thread (Topic) when you hit New Topic in a Category but are not replying to any previous post. You will then be prompted for a Title and will be able to add TAGS as @Torq suggests.

With your authoring ID and a uniform tag of “member system” the moderators will be able to put all of them in a Category of their own later if they so desire.

If you are looking for ways to format, Discourse generally follows markdown rules. You can use # hashtags to create headlines in your text by starting a line with tags and a space.

One hashtag

Two hashtags

Three hashtags

Four hashtags

I leave it as an exercise to you to figure out other formatting tricks.

Thanks for the suggestion


I did not see any option to add tags. How exactly is this done?

After you add topic, complete topic title. Tag box to the left or just below depending on screen. I think you can also get to tags if you edit your topic name.

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Yeah I got nothing when I edit the title and that’s exactly where I was looking when I created it. I must not have permission to tag my topics or something. :person_shrugging:

Ask a mod to look at it and add a tag.

If you click on edit title, do you not get this?

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No. The “optional tags” input is missing.

Ok, I added the tag.

I don’t know what you don’t get the tag option, is it restricted for any reason @Torq ?

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I was hoping more members would also post their system :confused:


So did I, it will be so much easier to see how your rig has evolved and why if its kept in one post.



I hope it will catch on as I think it’s a great idea. I plan on doing mine just haven’t had the time.