Constructive criticism for the site

This is a place for everyone to share their criticisms of the site. Please please please don’t criticise without having a solution.


Problem: My main issue is that I don’t know when someone has responded to my comments and I can’t figure out how to view the responses to my comments.
Solution: I think reddit can serve as a good example of how a site can show notifications and make viewing or responding to responses a smooth, easy, and intuitive process. If we could have a little light up notification or some how be able to see the responses in our inbox without having to scroll through the thread as a whole for the comment(s), then that would be a great way to keep up to date with the community.

Also, maybe, having a facebook style chat box that pulled up when people responded to me on a post has the potential to be pretty neat, I think.


Some great suggestions!

We ourselves are currently figuring out a reply system that works. I was running into the same issue where I had to scroll through a thread to find what I was trying to reply to. I just went in and edited some of the code in regards to replies to hopefully make things a little easier! Let me know if it helped.


I just played around with the notification tab that opens from the profile pic icon on the top right and that works beautifully! Thank you!

I’m still playing around with the notification tab as I feel it still is a bit confusing but its definitely coming along. Keep the feedback coming! The early feedback and suggestions will set the tone for the community for the future!

Is it possible to have some contrasting on the notifications tab? For example see how this picture has a lighter and darker color to seperate each line? Is it possible to have that separating each notification?

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Also, very very minor thing I just noticed but on the main page for the forum where you see the tabs “Topic ---- Category ---- Users ----- etc,” when I hover my mouse over the Category tab, the word Category isn’t centered in the darkened box.

Two comments, one that I think has at least modest importance, the other a trivial feature improvement:

  • When using the Dark site theme, the main “The HEADPHONE Community” heading/link at the top is almost completely invisible. I actually didn’t realize it was there at first, and was frustrated that there was no way to readily go back to the main forum listing page from where I had browsed earlier (the page describing the various badges). I finally found it, but it really is so dark as to be almost invisible. It appears to be an image, rather than text, presumably for control over the font. I’d suggest a lighter-colored contrasting image be swapped in for the Dark theme.
  • @discobot can roll dice, e.g:

@discobot roll 2d6

However, he doesn’t sum the individual dice up and give you a total. It would a modest, but welcome upgrade to the novelty feature.

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:game_die: 1, 6

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Thanks for the demo, highlighting my point.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

There are getting to be too many threads (nice problem to have!) so maybe splitting them into folders by manufacturer, at least for the headphone-specific threads, and then keep the more generic items in the main section.


HI Guys!
It’s great to have this place for Headphone-aphiles. I know it is in Beta but I just opened the website(5/16/2018 12:11 pm NYC time) and i got a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is not negative just some feedback.


I have a question about functionality.
It appears that I get notifications for replies or likes to my posts; but not for quotes of my posts. This seems odd to me. Can you confirm, or am I missing something?


Let me know if this shows up for you. There is a notification for it but perhaps if its a reply and quote together in the same post it shows only the reply notification?

That’s what it looks like on the notification page. Same type of deal in the notificaiton menu.

This is what I meant. I don’t think you’ll receive a notification when I just quote you instead of doing a reply with quote.

See above

Bug: The “The HEADPHONE Community” logo does not invert with the dark theme.

I also feel that the logo would look much nicer on HiDPI displays if it were actual text instead of an image.


Thanks for pointing that out @taronlissimore is on it!


Does “Discourse” have a “Mute User” or “Ignore User” function?

It’s probably a huge PITA to add it if not (and I’m too lazy to go read through the entire feature/admin docs), but I can see it being a useful feature in preserving polite discussion in some cases.