I love how beautiful, slick, and smooth this forum is


Everything works so well. In particular, the real-time feedback to everything the user does (from simple text formatting to the “your topic is similar to” to literally everything about the site design!) feels really responsive and an absolute pleasure to use.

Hands-down the best forum experience I’ve had.


I second this. I know this is an implementation of a “Discourse” layout and I am really impressed with how it operates. There are so many cool features about it and I feel like I am discovering new things every day. Even just really minor things like how typing these responses shows you a real-time mirrored preview of what your comment will look like after formatting is super slick. And having the reply text box be adjustable in size so you can see the entirety of longer posts is one of those things that I have always hated about reddit and I feel has subconsciously discouraged me from wanting to write out longer posts. Also, the tag and category system makes filtering and navigating the forum a breeze, which all other forums lack.


One thing I have learned in years of different forums. " Its amazing how much I learn when I don’t know it all or pretend to. I’m just another bozo . :clown_face: on the bus, like everyone else.


Thanks for the feedback! We experimented with a couple of different forum layouts / designs but we found this one to be the best. Very user-friendly and simple to navigate.

There is an update being released this summer which will hopefully fix a couple of issues. The mobile code could use an update.

Also I know @I_want_all_the_tacos asked if a mobile app is in the works. Currently you can use the discourse app (its fairly similar to desktop though). In terms of a straight up forum app, there currently is not one in the works but that could easily change!

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Is there a discord channel for this forum?


I think @taronlissimore may have meant “Discourse app” instead of “Discord app”. Link: iOS and Android, but both of these are pretty pointless because they just open a web view of the forum.


Ahhh, gotcha! Well there go my hi-fi co-op gaming dreams :wink:

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One thing that I would love to see for the future is a classified section because I have some of the original meze 99’s and idk where to sell them lol

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Agree it would be nice to see classifieds, but for me they would have to be in the UK (or at least Western Europe) to really work.

Would also like to give some praise to the forum. It’s starting off really nicely. Thank you for making it happen!


Head-Fi Classifieds and r/AVexchange are good places. I’ve had successful trades on both.


We are currently working on a classifieds section. I would expect it to be up in the next week or two!

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And once they’re up, I wouldn’t mind buying a pair off of @Jarod_Ferkin myself :sunglasses:

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Hell yeah! I’m assuming there will be a feedback system of some sort?

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Yup there will be a feedback system. It’s the easiest way to create trust for transactions.


Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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