Online purchasing

Not to be a Karen, but a bit of extra due diligence is worth considering buying goods from any source at the moment. Receipts are also helpful / useful. Ebay is going to be littered with looted / stolen goods, and some of those goods will find their way to various audio sites as well.

Personally I only buy from trusted retail sources, or folks I’ve had a relationship with.


Always use something with buyer’s protection. If using AVexchange on Reddit, make sure the account is a minimum of three months old. Pictures must have the date they were taken written on a card or at least typed on a screen. Point is they should obviously be recent. Get a tracking number asap if possible. Thank you for bringing this up. It is a very important to stress safe buying knowing what you’ll get.

Take screenshots of everything.


Thank you. Obviously a lot of stolen stuff is out there floating around. Even more so at the moment. Don’t want to see anyone getting hosed.