Opinions on the KZ ZS10?

I’ve never seen 5 driver ear buds with multiple BA drivers be less than $250. Are these things too good to be true? Has anyone tried them? Can they compete with higher end stuff?

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More drivers doesn’t always equal better which seems to be the case with the ZS10. I haven’t heard it myself but I have read several impressions on them and most seem to prefer the ZS6 over the 10. I haven’t listened to any KZ headphones though.

I know @I_want_all_the_tacos has some experience with the ZS6 though.

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Yeah I really like my KZ ZS6. I think one of the things that I enjoy about it is that it is a hybrid design so it uses BA drivers for treble and dynamics for bass. The bass really hits hard and has that visceral impact while the BA treble is very fast and airy. It is worth noting that the KZ6 is tuned slightly V-shaped and lends itself to being a really fun and enjoyable IEM, but maybe not the best in critical listening, but I don’t do critical listening with IEMs.

I will say that the ZS6 really needs foam tips to make the treble listenable, and even then it is still bright up top. Some people that are more treble sensitive might have a hard time with ZS6. But if you can use EQ then that helps too. All around a solid buy for <$40.

That is obviously debatable as diminishing returns applies in IEMs just as much if not moreso than over-ears. I have Andromeda as well and I do think Andromeda is better all around in basically every category, but it is pretty close to me. I think trying to quantify differences has little meaning, but I’ll throw out a number like 5% different. Small enough that if bang for the buck is top priority than there is no reason to go for something like Andromeda. But large enough that if you get into IEMs as a hobby and need to achieve the highest tiers to really feel satisfied, then it is worth it.