Massdrop 1More Quad Driver IEMs

This is tempting. I have the 1More Triple Driver IEMs, and like them enough that I’ve bought two pair for gifts to others. I have been holding off on the Quad Drivers because I have the Triples. But the price is $40 bucks off…

Last winter, Amazon had them down to $119 on sale and I picked up the Quads. I thought they were ok. I found the mid-bass too heavy and bloated for my personal tastes. To me, they weren’t extended enough in either direction, and the midbass hump turned me off. They are definitely geared towards that more popular sound signature over the neutral one I prefer. I’ve seen Amazon sell it at $139 often too, if that’s an option near you.

For a similar price on Massdrop right now is the BGVP DMG and I am really really fond of it. I’ve been using it as my daily driver the past 2 weeks. I’m overdue to write a review on it probably, but it’s a very good option in my opinion. Very neutral with a tilt towards warmth but highly detailed. It comes with 3 filters to very subtle-y change the sound. Very subtle. Good build quality and detachable mmcx cable.

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I like my Quads, but like you said, they don’t extend well in treble or bass. I prefer my Sony XBA-H3 w/ foam tips. EQ the bass down, and they are pretty good. Looking to replace both with some CA Orions.

Maybe I am better off with the Triples I have. Never listened to the quads. I picked mine up because I wanted a good mic- I use them when I have to make calls in noisy places.

I think the quads will have similar sound but better detail than the triple if my memory serves me right.

Overall I thought the quads fit well and looked very sleek but wasn’t a fan of the sound for my taste. I also prefer detachable cables especially at their asking price. But I do remember they worked all as a headset.

I don’t think isolation was great on them but again it was a while ago since I owned them.