What about NuForce / Optoma?

Thinking about IEMs because I haven’t found any I really like, I think they are not comfortable, and since I don’t favor them, I probably haven’t heard any good ones.

@Torq points out that better ones actually have crossovers.

Massdrop has NuFoce HEM8 and HEM6 at a good price, so I probably could make one of those “here’s a bargain, what do I have to lose” mistakes. No reviews on this community, but they send out comp sets to likely reviewers on the usual blogs/communities.

Any thoughts on these? Save my money?


Im not a NuForce fan as the stuff I’ve heard is quite mediocre for their price. There’s probably a reason they’re half off and still making money. It’s overpriced to begin with. :slight_smile:

For the price, I recommend the Kanas Pro, KXXS, Etymotics ER2XR or SE, ER3XR or SE, Galaxy Buds, etc. It does depend on what you like – I prefer a neutral-warmish shound so these fit that case.


I don’t know about Nuforce, I’m very cheap and stingy when buying IEM, but KZ ZS10 pro is amazing for $34 ( was the prime day price).
CCA C16 are also incredibles for $86 ( again, special price in some kind of sale on Ali Express , as I said, I don’t like to spend too much on IEM).


Thanks. What I’m waiting for is the Massdrop HD-6xx of IEMs. Something not overly expensive and universally recognized as a Bronze prizewinner.

Undoubtedly I won’t find it. IEMs are considerably more quirky than standard headphones.

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If comfort is a primary consideration, but sound quality and value are not to be sneezed at either, I recommend the Final Audio e3000. I can’t think of any other IEM that ticks those three boxes so well.

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I appreciate the callouts to the KZ ZS10 and the Final Audio e3000. However, I’ve got the KZ ZSN and a 1More Triple driver, an older Vsonic, and somewhere in the house is a pair of Etymolic ER-6’s hiding under something. My go-to IEM is the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro, which I find pretty acceptable (in the $99 context).

What I’m looking to find is a definitive step up. I don’t know where that is. Planar-magnetic? I liked the original STAX SR-001, not that I’d actually buy a pair. I don’t think that jamming more BA speakers into a small space is going to do it. One reason I like the IE-40 Pro is that it’s a single dynamic driver. So it’s very coherent.

I don’t get to where I can hear the Zeus, Noble, or high end Campfires. And I’m not looking to pay those kinds of prices. If I’m going to blow a grand or more, it’s going to be on a new pair of STAX, probably Lambda SR-L300L or SR-L700s, or if I’m feeling rich an SR-007 Mark II used. Or something.

I’m not a fan of the heavy V signature. I do like extended and deep bass, but don’t want something that just bleats 150Khz in my ears… Some of the music I listen to has deep organ pipes, or electronic sounds, or well, cannons.


Aren’t we all. Hehe. An iem with the HD6XX sound would sell really well.

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I’m not sure whether IEM technology is yet capable of HD-6xx versatility at any reasonable price point. All IEMs are much more strongly affected by tip and ear fit than headphones too.

I agree that BAs can be like chasing your tail. More drivers -> fill more audio gaps -> create more potential for imbalances -> more drivers. Repeat. Low end BAs are quite literally a pain in the ear. They are very spiky–and while clear–they cause fatigue pretty fast.

Based on @antdroid’s and other reviews I purchased the Moondrop Kanas Pro. It has a large single dynamic driver and a solid metal case. I don’t have experience with the IE-40 pro, but it is perhaps similar. The Kanas Pro was pretty fuzzy during break in, and is the first and only in-ear product of mine that benefited from a balanced cable.

I keep nudging you toward balanced…heh…

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