Pacemaker: DJ App Official Discussion

Hey gang so it’s been about 24 hours since I downloaded and have been playing with a new app for my iPad which also works for the IPhone it’s called Pacemaker DJ App. I have found it to be really fun and enjoyable in a couple different ways so I thought I would share with the group and open up a discussion and see if others from this group had any interest.

As a professional photographer I got my start photographing people in the music industry such as DJ’s, musicians, recording artists, bands and more. Some of my closest friends in my 20’s and 30’s were mostly musicians, music producers or DJs so early on I found a great passion for hearing DJ’s mix and produce all different styles of music. There is a true art form in mixing vinyl for several hours.

Fast forward to yesterday and being at home for 7 straight days taking care of my 17 month old daughter from morning to night and my wife who hasn’t been feeling well I hit a wall on new ways to find entertainment, so after my daughter went to bed I decided to try to find a way to have fun mixing some of my favorite streaming tracks via an App on my IPad. After soliciting some of my friends who are professional DJ’s on what would allow me to have some fun without having a steep learning curve or spending any money I landed on the Pacemaker DJ app! Well I can say honestly it has been incredibly fun taking some of my favorite classic rock tracks and mixing them over a house beat or taking Pop tracks and mixing them into hip hop or electro.

Knowing that many of you are in the same situation stuck at home due to the covid-19 crisis, I thought it would be fun to share this awesome little app with you to see if it brings you a little joy!

if you don’t have an iPad or iPhone there are other apps that do similar things, so don’t feel left out.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Here are a few screenshots and some more info about the Pacemaker DJ App!


To get the convo started I will share the two ways I have found this app fun.

  1. Hooking up my Ifi IDSD Micro Black label to my IPad, sitting down in my favorite chair, throwing on one of my pairs of headphones, opening up the app connecting it to Spotify and mixing my own personal music set for myself. This is very engaging and fun.

  2. After learning the basics I decided to hook up my BTR 3 to my surround sound system, connect the IPad to it via Bluetooth and boom :boom: :exploding_head: our own personal living room club for my wife, daughter and I!


That’s pretty cool. I like that it pulls songs from streaming service. :+1:t4:

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@ValentineLuke exactly, Spotify has so many dope mixes already, so getting to use some of them and make your own mixes is really fun. I think as a Tidal user there are a couple other free apps that are very similar if you wanted to do it with high res audio and Tidal. I searched for a way to do it with Qobuz and found a solution but it required laptop and potentially an external device so I opted for this one for ease of use and no financial spend.

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Here are a couple videos I found on YouTube that go over the basics.