Panasonic RP-HD 10, anyone heared them or anything about them?

These peaked my interest at some point. Customer reviews online are good, reputable audio reviewers seem to either ignore these or not know these exist exception, but I don’t speak/read norwegian. Which is a shame, because they look very interesting to me:

The only thing between your ear and the driver membrane is a net with very big holes. So the green and yellow shimmer in the photo is the driver.

I mean, if looks of the driver say anything about the sound quality, this is a winner:

With all that said, anyone here got anything to say about these? or can give me a rough summary of the article linked above?


I am realy tempted to take one for the team here and just order them


Do it!../:laughing:


After thinking about it and counting days (26 days before uni hopefully resumes), I have now ordered them.
Will keep update this thread accordingly.

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Nice. I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to you impressions.

On a side, I picked up another Palmer in addition to another RNHP. It’s a great little devise that does so much for only $20. Great recommendation, thanks again. :+1:t4:

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I had a pair of those RP-HD10 a number of years ago. I think they’re one of the worst pair of headphones I’ve yet heard - only beaten by the Flare Audio R1 and airline earbuds for the worst.

Edit: I lied. A number of old vintage headphones beat it for the worst sounding I’ve heard.

I remembered the midrange sounding very uneven with parts sounding way too withdrawn and other parts being way too forward. IIRC, the treble was fairly sharp sounding. I don’t remember what I thought about the bass response though.

An online buddy of mine measured his on his MiniDSP EARS, and I believe the compensation used is HPN:

I believe he tried some mods that are shown in red and blue. The grey line is stock.

The drivers look pretty, but that’s the only redeeming thing about the headphones to me.

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With Panasonic being a paragon of excellence in the headphone industry, who would have thought the HD10 would sound this way. Huh.



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I remember trying some Technics headphones last year and they were complete crap (sorry, can’t find a better word - not a native speaker!). Panasonic really isn’t the best when it comes to headphones, which is quite a bummer given they make fantastic audio products.

Arrived today.
Box is average, padding inside is good.

Free from packaging and plastic wraps (finger print magnet surfaces, yay):

A better look at the driver:

Accessories (bag is folded as it was in the box):

Earpads are nice (works well with my glasses). headband cushion is like a worn-in DT-770 but thicker.
3.5mm jack on the headphone is in such a nice spot that DIYing a cable in the future is easy (it is exposed, no wierd sunken in nonsense stares at M40x’s).
The adjustment mechanism for hight is above average in feel, the back/forth adjustment for the earcups is a 10/10 idea.


Have been using them since I got them with only a few hours swapping to my other pairs (PortaPros, M40x, AD500x, T50RP mk3 and K-712 Pro’s) to give better points of reference. I am not that well versed in the speecific terminology :slight_smile:

They are by far more comfortable than the M40x, don’t isolate nearly as good. Correction: They isolate differently. Very impressed with the feel and finnish (then again, they are my second most expensive pair).

Sound wise, they have one quirk I can’t put my finger on yet. Somewhere in the mids there is some oddness.
Pentatonix - Hallelujah sounds absolutely fine, all voices present and full.
Eurielle - Carry Me sounds recessed or distant.
In direct comparison to the K-712 Pro’s, and exclusively listening to music where vocals are the main attraction, I’d take the K-712’s

Bass is good quality. Quantity is less than I expected, which in a sense is good. Never drowns out anything. Similar to the K-712 Pro’s in this regard, just with the bass boost that comes from the RP-HD10’s being closed back. If you need “a little extra low end”, give them some power (tested on BasX A-100 with limiting resistors engaged).

Mids are the odd one, as mentioned above. Fine for instruments in Blues/Rock/Metal/Electronic

Treble is in check, no piercing spikes and not a Beyerdynamic-V (I dislike that in particular). Does not need dense foam/toilet paper mods like the T50RP. All good here!

General Notes

  • Cables feel oddly flimsy
  • On both cables, one end has a molded on plastic connector and the other is a metal one
  • Very comfy (thick cushion on the headband & soft ear pads) + the two way adjustment
  • They do not take well to a heavy bass boost

Nice impressions. You don’t hear very much about Panasonic headphones. Happy listening.

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Those come at a premium these days.

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