Pending sale ZMF Camphor Atticus

Price: 800 or 700 with a broken hinge ZMF wood box.
Currency: us
Ships to: us

After spending a little more time with it, working with the band, I like the fit with the pilot pad. That said, it’s close to the Eikon at better rate, not as deep as bass but darn close. Includes shipping, leather pads, suede pads and xlr cable. No paint, cup or driver damage. Dropping this down to 800 with shipping as they’re 1100 new. I think this is a great headphone, lighter than the Eikon and almost as deep as sound at a better price point.

I’m going to add a co-pilot pad to this. It’s slimmer than the pilot pad and works well with this headphone, making it more comfortable. To make this more enticing, I’ll throw in a 10’ corpse cable either 1/4 or xlr. It’s a 255 dollar cable, really well done. The co-pilot is brand new. I tried it but liked the pilot better but I like the sound of the atticus with the pilot pad, it really brought out the sound of this headphone

800 for an excellent ZMF headphone with pilot and custom cable or 700 with a box for shipping purposes, no seahorse case but still getting the new pilot pad and custom cable.


transaction/pending sale started with @jthvac