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ZMF Eikon Official Discussion Thread

An Eikon [ī∙kän] is an image of the imagination, a dream. For Zach, founder of ZMF, that is what this first proprietary model represents.

"In developing the Eikon, I took the knowledge gained cutting my teeth on
t50rp mods and applied it to our wood cup design, creating a closed
headphone that won’t make you miss their open-backed counterparts."

The Eikon has the most sub-bass of any ZMF headphone, creating maximum rumble, downward sloping linearity and clear highs. The Eikon, along with the rest of the ZMF line-up, utilizes 300 Ohm drivers which, being higher impedance, also allow the user to hear incremental changes more easily with each alteration of their audio chain.

Currently, the stock wood for the Eikon is camphor. Learn more about our wood choices here.


  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Driver: Biocellulose
  • Weight: 530g
  • Sensitivity: ~98dB/mW


  • ZMF Stock Cable
  • ZMF Pads
  • ZMF Owner’s Card
  • Your Choice of Carrying Case
  • Lifetime Driver Warranty


  • The upgraded magnesium chassis is more fragile than the standard aluminum chassis.
  • The upgraded magnesium chassis is painted, not anodized, and may wear over time.
  • If you purchase an upgrade cable, you will still receive the stock cable.
  • All upgrade cables are 5.5 feet in length.
  • All upgrade cables come with a ZMF splitter and either black sleeving or bare wire.
  • Only one discounted upgrade cable can be purchased in a bundle with each set of headphones.
  • To add a fully custom cable, check out our cables page!

I couldn’t find an official area to discuss yet so I thought for the owners of the Eikon or potential owers we could get a thread going!


@DarthPool can you make this official!!! I guess I am not cool enough :wink:


Cherry Eikon was my first ZMF. Still miss that incredible bass response. Deep, full bodied and with enough decay so as to not sound dry.


Love my Eikon’s! Compared to other headphones I own (Utopia, Elear, Stellias), headphones I used to own (HD700, MDR Z7), and headphones I’ve demoed (LCD-X, HD 800S, Z1R) they really have a beautiful organic sound that adds body to the music without sacrificing details. The bass is really full, and while not as punchy as the Focal lineup, they add a warmth that the Focal headphones do not have. The Stellia are the closest sounding headphone I’ve heard but I enjoy the ZMF’s ability to still have excitement in the music vs. the Stellia which can sound almost too smooth at times. They also scale really well - I could immediately hear a difference switching from my Schiit Bifrost 2/Jotunheim stack to my Auralic stack.

That said, the bass can sometimes be a little too full and not punchy/fast enough and vocals can sometimes come off a little nasal compared with the Stellia but these are minor issues and it might be because I use solid state instead of tube (which Zach recommends).

These are also headphones that you wear while sitting and leaning back. I wouldn’t really use them while sitting forward at a desk. More of a recliner chair headphone than a desk chair headphone in terms of build. They are a bit heavy, especially compared with the Focal & Sennheiser headphones but still very, very comfortable. The strap system helps and they do not really give me any clamping issues.

Like I said - I love these headphones!


The Auteur pads help with vocal presentation in my experience. The frequency response becomes more balanced and voices sound more prominent.

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How come you ended up parting ways with them @Deepy was it after you got the Verite closed?

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Yes, I sold them when I got the VC. This was when I was heavily into e-stats for my open backs. I wanted a closed back that would better match the technical ability of the Stax headphones I had.

I had both headphones for a short time and while the VC were not fully burned in, the Eikon were doing quite well compared to the VC. They both have that ZMFness about them. The VC are more detailed and more 3D.

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You enjoyed the bass better for electronic music on the Eikon or VC?

They are both good for electronic music, but they have slightly different character. Both go deep and sound full. The Eikon is more organic or “wet”, slower and more deep rumble. The VC is faster, hits harder and sounds more technical, less organic.

The Auteur pads affect the bass on the Eikon to make them sound more balanced.


I may have to try that - thanks for the tip!

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I love my African Blackwood Eikons. I’m currently listening with Eikon lambskin pads, but also have Eikon hybrid, Auteur lambskin, and Auteur hybrid pads.

I don’t feel there’s a need for EQ, but I understand that some are adverse to an upper mid dip with the Auteur pads.

What EQ settings do people use, if any? I’ve come across these:


I’ll leave “The Godfather” of headphone reviews here. It’s also a trilogy.


Bert! I love that review so much I don’t think Bert knows how much that funny rap at the end of part 3 means to me. It’s very odd in a good way to have someone write a jingle about you and your headphones.

Bert if you ever read this, thank you for the effort in making that!


That review and the rap is pretty epic! Zach attack!

Can we get a Bert’s review themed ZMF T-shirt swag? Or Bert character photo opportunities at the next ZMFestivus?! One can dream ha.


Bert is the best! :heart:


During Friday night’s live stream, A&S Justin W mentioned the Eikon as a favorite and most used headphone. I don’t disagree. What headphone do people think serves as a complement to the Eikon in one’s collection and provides a good contrast in sonics? I personally prefer headphones that pair well with tube amplifiers.

Someone has mentioned the Senn HD800S to me.


If the Eikon is neutral-warm with an emphasis on natural timbre, a complementary can might be neutral-bright with an emphasis on soundstage/detail/speed. HD800S, HEDD, and Arya seem to be possibilities.


Maybe add the Focal Clear to that list too.


Thanks, I actually had the Clear at the top of my list. But I spent some time with it recently and it doesn’t have what I’m looking for where I already own the Eikon. I liked the Clear’s superior dynamics, punch, and detail, but I prefer the larger stage/images and natural tone of the Eikon. So it wasn’t my first preference, not distinct enough from my Eikon, and for this can I want it to complement the Eikon, especially focused on classical and jazz music.


I think this a great recommendation. I personally enjoy the Utopia as a complement to the Eikon. I’ll bounce back and forth depending on my mood - Utopia are intense while the Eikon are a bit more laid back and natural sounding. Switching between the two every so often keeps my experience fresh.