Problem with iPhone headphone controls


From the moment I discovered the headphone controls on my iPhone 4, I’ve been in love. The ability to answer calls; start, pause, and skip music; and change volume; all without removing my phone from my pocket remains one of my favorite features. My problem is that it’s working only intermittently - inputs on the headphone buttons often don’t register, and I’d like to fix this.I’ve tried two different sets of earbuds, my old ones from the 4 and the new ones (God how I hate them) from my 5. The new ones didn’t help, so I’m leaning toward a problem in the input jack on the phone. Is it likely it’s just dirty or clogged with lint? Is there a reliable way to clean it out without damaging anything?

Please help.

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There’s a chance that the contact that registers the functions isn’t connecting which would necessitate a new jack, but you could hit it with some canned air and contact cleaner first.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a link to replacing the jack:

If you’re close to an Apple store, make an appointment and bring your phone in. They have some special tools to help clean bad contacts, and can test to see what the problem really is.