Sennheiser momentum 1, 4 pole to 3 pole jack adaptor

Hi - I’ve bought some sennheiser momentum 1 headphones that were for an apple set-up; is there an adaptor to convert the four pole jack of the headphone into 3 pole non-apple stereo-friendly jack format?



I am certain I have seen these adapters/converters around. I was recently looking for an adapter myself (a different one to you) and found kenable Ltd very useful. You could try them.


I bought the one below to use my NightHawk Carbons (4 pole; aka male TRRS) to an old 3 pole (female TRS) jack:

I can’t comment about degradation of sound quality, as the source TRS system is pretty weak.


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Hi - thanks; I’ll give it a try and get back to you.



Ah well…I think because they are Momentum 1’s, with the four pole jack running a volume/mute function (located on the headphone lead) rather than a mike, the wiring pattern might be different to a 4-pole mike/headphone jack. Anyway, that’s what I’m guessing, as the 4-to-3 jack converter doesn’t work at all, although I get sound if I pull it halfway out. Anybody know anything about this?

thanks in advance

I had a pair of original Momentums and they came with two cables. One with the 4 pole connector with inline volume control/track selection control and a second with the standard 3 pole connector only. You might try contacting Sennheiser for the cable you are looking for.


Sennheiser have a good support network. Just as long as they get their cash.:grinning:.


thanks for the advice - and I should have said kenable ltd came through with the right adaptor after talking to a human there. I would highly recommend them for cabling issues. thanks all

I use Kenable Ltd myself and it’s a great place to pick up things.