Questions & Comments about Roon

Roon 1.8 is live.

You can update by opening settings: and going to the “About” Section.


I haven’t noticed any changes on the audio side but so far I like the new design that comes with 1.8.

Finding a classical piece on streaming is infinitely better.

When you say “Roon Radio” what are you describing? I have Live Radio from TIDAL on ROON, and a number of streaming stations that I have added, in addition to the defaults.

I don’t see any other settings that enable some sort of auto-discovery.

Sorry, I didn’t mean radio.

When I search for a composer, it allows me new filter settings that helped me find my preferred performance much quicker than I had been able to before.

That was a general “you” not a specific you, @mfadio. And “you” aren’t the only one, I’ve seen it in several places. Makes me think that I’m not making good use of my subscription.

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Ah! I see!

Does this help?


Yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for. And a preposition is something you shouldn’t end a sentence with.

And yes, I’ve done that without realizing that it was Roon Radio.


I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but I kept forgetting …

For those of you using Roon w/ Audeze headphones, and that are making use of the Audeze DSP presets, you might want to check that you’re not getting digital clipping as a result.

It will, to a certain extent, depend on which Audeze headphone/preset you’re using and the source material, but it happens enough with the LCD-4 profile that I wound up using the Headroom Management function first to confirm what I was actually hearing was down to digital clipping resulting from DSP, and then to fix it.

I’m surprised the Audeze presets don’t have sufficient internal pre-gain compensation built into them, but clearly they don’t (-4 dB of Headroom compensation was necessary, at -3 dB some tracks would still exhibit digital clipping).

But, it’s an easy thing to both confirm and to fix.


Another Roon feature that isn’t well known is for MQA users, and is, as far as I am aware, unique to Roon. And that is the ability to use DSP functions with MQA content and not lose the ability for an MQA DAC to fully “unfold” and render the MQA stream.

You DO lose the “Authenticated”/“Studio” indicators when doing this, but the DAC will still do the additional “unfolds” (one or two levels of up-sampling after the first decode step) and apply the correct MQA filter, so the audio-output is the same (and will show the correct final sample-rate, not just 88.2 or 96 kHz).

This works by Roon “preserving” the MQA signaling bits, applying your selected DSP, and then replacing the signaling bits in the output stream.

More details here.


Roon is my favorite way to listen to music, thanks for sharing this feature, I am going to check this out!


Roon forums activity are a bit crowded this week. Half of the posts applaud the recent 1.8 release, and the other half are bagging it in every possible way. Every major Roon software release has bugs to be worked out. That’s been a constant with every release.

So I’m trying out hqplayer for the first time using roon and does anybody have any recommended settings they could share? I barely have a rough understanding about all these settings…I’m sure I can experiment around but it would be great to hear a starting point…thanks in advance!

Settings for what? The DSP? Audio zones?

My bad for not specifying…the settings from hqplayer itself (like the pcm and sdm defaults)

I started editing my Roon themes yesterday. There was a user-made generator but it had some limitations like only working on light themes, so I took it apart and modified it a bit and added more customizability to work with any theme option (dark or light backgrounds).

Posted instructions here: Roon Theme Designer for Roon v1.8


So glad you are aboard the Roon train!


sigh. you guys win. :slight_smile:

i’ll use audirvana on my laptop for on-the-go. :slight_smile:

my trial period ends in a couple days. now to decide to do month-to-month or go-all-in.


That is what I do too! I paid for a year. Then I am going to wait for the Black Friday lifetime sale.


My DAC doesn’t support DSD so I haven’t tried it but for 24/192 PCM the developer of HQPlayer recommends starting with “poly-sinc-*” filters (poly-sinc-ext2 is a commonly recommended one) with NS9 as dither/noise sharper.

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