Help Me Choose!

So I’ve been going into these threads and reading. I finally got my set up. May or may not have mentioned that I do have a Sirius XM subscription. I do hear some form of difference between the regular and highest quality sound setting. But I don’t generally use it for my desktop.

I mean for me, which I’m sure is laughable or not, YouTube sounds amazing. Again for anyone that may not know, I just set up shop yesterday.

So I know these guys got free trials and all this, I mean I know they say trust your ears.

But I’m trying to go in the right direction even if it is trials.

It seems like Quboz and Amazon Ultra HD seem to be slugging it out.

I am a prime member so it seems to be 12.99 vs 14.99 for Quboz. I pay 20 for SiriusXM.

Just trying to see what seems best, kind of scared of Roon, so far my experience at Schittr and that obnoxious hissing got me kind of paranoid.

I see you guys were discussing Audirvana. Seems like that’s leaps and bounds ahead of where I’m at.

Any other suggestions? Your thoughts?


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