REDUCED: Audeze LCD-i4 with Cipher V2, Cipher V1, Cipher Bluetooth and extra SE cable

**Price: $1060
**Currency: USD
**Ships to: US

I have a pair of Audeze LCD-i4 with a bunch of extras.

Audeze LCD-i4 with about 19 months of transferable warranty remaining.

I love these headphones. The headphones look and sound beautiful. But I prefer full-sized and am looking to upgrade to Rosson or Susvara.

These come with headphones in full box. These come with 1 set of ear hooks and a variety of various sized tips. The only original accessory missing is the small pocket case, which Audeze doesn’t offer anymore.

These also come with a Cipher Bluetooth, the Cipher v2, Cipher V1, and a single-ended cable for use with traditional headphones amp dacs.

With all of the extras I am asking $1060.


Two more glamour shots:

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I am interested on it.

Sending message to you.

First post here aside from my introduction, but I wanted to say that these may have ruined iems for me. They are really great. @Rolly_Carlos, if you do end up purchasing them and have done the research, they deliver on their promises. Great planar bass and soundstage width, especially when compared to the traditional iems in the price range. I’m not a big fan of using EQ, and fortunately for me, I didn’t ever really feel the need to unlike most other Audezes I’ve heard/owned. Can’t recommend these enough.