Repository of equalization filters

Greetings! As my user name implies, I am a big fan of Roon’s convolution engine for room correction and, now, for optimizing the sound of headphones. Audeze partnered with Roon to install “presets” for most of their models, so it was easy for me to simply click on the LCD-X button within DSP settings to implement recommended FIR filters for mine.

Recently I found that jaakkopasanen had posted dozens of WAV files as part of his GitHub AutoEq project, any of which I can install to hear different approaches to equalizing not just my Audeze LCD-X, but products from many other manufacturers. Thanks Jaakko!

I downloaded files from AutoEq for the Audeze, Oppo PM-2, Sennheiser HD580 and even my old Concept CE-H “orthodynamic” (OEM by Fostex), all of which showed improvement. Problem is that none of these were created for bit rates above 48kHz, which means that Roon’s convolution engine must work harder to process higher resolutions, compromising performance.

Does anyone here know of other repositories where I might find more filters to try? I am especially interested in 88kHz and 96kHz files for my Oppo PM-2. Thanks.


If you’re using roon, don’t use the convolution files, just use the PEQ settings jaakkopasanen also provides.

another source of filters is oratory1990’s PEQ settings on reddit.